Reviving Your Lawn Using Slice Seeder Machine


From time to time, the green blanket of grass that covers your lawn will start to have a random ugly patchwork. This is due to heavy foot traffic, age, intense heat, disease, weeds, and pests.

To fix this, you may need to remove all the turf and install new sod. However, there’s another option to save your lawn. This is by using a machine called slit seeder.

Using it can guarantee that your lawn will start to revive since it is very effective planters. Slice seeding lawn is very efficient. The only problem for this method is being expensive and does not available for some areas.

How Does Slit Seeder Work?

The slit seeder machine is equipped with rotating iron blades and works by slicing the soil or ground of your lawn. After it slices the ground, it will start to drop the seeds of grass inside these openings.

That makes this method a very efficient one for planting grass since it drops the seeds inside the soil. And if you compare it with the least expensive method called overseeding, it just scattered the seeds around your lawn and most of these seeds won’t be able to grow or germinate.

This makes the slit seeder machine an expert when it comes to planting grass. Some folks use this technique to smoothen up the patchwork of the lawn. It is also useful for thickening a weak or dying lawn due to the weeds.

Preparing Your Lawn Before Using Slit Seeding Method

To increase the success rate of slice seeding, it is important to do the following steps on your yard:

  1. The first step that you need to do is to test your soil. In case your lawn has a patchy growth, it is most likely that the nutrients are insufficient or not enough. If you are not sure about this, you can call an expert to test the soil of your lawn. They will take an example to analyze it. Also, don’t assume that applying fertilizer will fix it. Sometimes, applying it will only lead to failure.
  2. Next, choose which grass would you like to sow around your lawn. In case you don’t know or you can’t decide, the local expert around your area can help you and will recommend which type of grass is the best in your area.
  3. Remove the dirt, rocks, debris, and leaves around your lawn to ensure that you have a smooth surface when you start to use a slit seeder machine.

After you get the soil test recommendations, you can apply which type of fertilizer nutrient is lacking around your lawn. Once you applied it, it is important to water your lawn to ensure the soil will absorb the nutrients.


The slice seeder machine is a very effective method for reviving a dying lawn. However, it is also important that you consult the experts before you apply this method. They are the ones who can decide if you really need to use slice seeding or use a different way to restore your lawn.

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