Tips for cleaning chimney flawlessly


It is almost every person’s dream to have a fire place in the study or living area of your house for a warm relaxing ambience in the cold winter nights. And it is but obvious that the more you use the fire place the more frequently one should clean the chimney and the fire pit as well. Thecontinuoussmoke through the chimney tends soot and creosote to accumulate on the walls of the chimney that need to be taken care of at the first place, which neglected can cause severe damages on a long run. Cleaning chimney on the other hand is tedious task and hiring a professional for the same can give a big dent on your pocket. A little research and right tools and you are ready to clean the chimney all by yourself. If you are still pondering whether or not to do it yourself then go for the professionals, like the chimney sweep Leesburg VA, who would not only clean the chimney making it flawless but will also provide you with the expert care, installation, waterproofing and bending the repair if any.

Tips required for cleaning chimney all by yourself

When cleaning chimney by yourself there are some basic things that you need to keep in mind before getting started. First of all you will need the right tools from any hardware shop for the cleaning purpose, the normal one that are commonly used for house cleaning wont suffice the need. For better cleaning equipments visit the chimney sweep Leesburg VA and the best cleaning service as well if required. Then check inside the chimney thoroughly and carefully with small flash light probably and ensure the dirt that need to get rid of. Now check the thickness or to what extend the creosote had got accumulated by scraping with a steel object, may be a knife. But prior to that it is advisable to wait atleast 24 hours after the last use of the fireplace so that the smoke and dust will settle down or else the chimney will be hot enough and will cause serve is recommended to clean the chimney from the top down standing on roof (with ladder and sufficient safety measures) with the long brush particularly made for chimney cleaning. This method will ensure that all the dust and debris fall directly on the floor and not on the person cleaning. Once the sweeping is down the main task is to collect all the dust and debris from the floor with the help of a brush and a dust pan. Make sure that you cover the floor with plastic sheet or cloth before cleaning and ensure that the ashes don’t fly all over your house. Clean the other parts like firebox, hearth or any fireplace tool with proper cleaning materials, do not use any kind of flammable chemicals. Some tips for one’s own safety is to wear a proper clothing that will protect you from the dark ashes and dirt that is inevitable in this cleaning process. And also consider to cover your mouth and nose area properly for inhalation of this ashes is not good for the health. It is always recommended to clean the chimney or the fireplace on a weekly basis so that you may not end up with a hectic task of removing the adamant dirt accumulated. Keep safety on priority and consult an expert if and when required.

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