Getting Your Dream Bathroom


Considering whether or not to start creating your DREAM bathroom? But do you find yourself far too concerned that it may be too expensive. Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to build your dream bathroom without breaking the bank and do it creatively. You could repaint the walls or even put nice high gloss splashback to add that high end feel! There are countless ways to replenish your bathroom to your fantasy, Simply plastics have narrowed it down to just 6 ways you can create your dream space.

Renew Your Lighting

Replace your normal boring lights with some nice coloured mood lighting that changes at the flick of a switch. This could become an important attribute to your dream restroom, it gives the room a personality of its own and can reflect your own mood. If you don’t like the idea of changing the lights to coloured mood lighting, you could change the prominence of lighting, either making it harsh with spotlights or adding a dimmer light switch to change the intimacy levels of your bathroom. Lighting is important as it can also create the illusion of a larger room!

Create a feature wall

Creating a feature wall has now been made easy; you can add a Bathroom splashback. If you are adding a splashback as your feature wall forgoing traditional glass and choosing a modern acrylic one can save you a lot of money. The reason a plastic splashback is the best option is that it not only saves money but it is in fact 17 times stronger than glass! Simply plastic offer a wide range of acrylic available in many different colours, styles and offer a service of cutting it down to any shape or size. So adding that feature wall doesn’t have to be expensive!

Adding Open Plan Shelving

By adding some open plan shelving you are enabling the opportunity to show off some possessions or even just finding a home for some toiletries! This comes hand-in-hand with the illusion that your bathroom will appear bigger and you know what they say, the bigger the better! This opens a fantastic chance to buy some nice candles and accessories, which you can place on these shelves to really create an atmosphere in your bathroom that is warm and relaxing.

Painting Your Space

Get a fresh new coat! By repainting your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint it can really improve the environment of your bathroom facilities and will not take too much of your budget at all! You could go with the classic white or grey, or become a bit more abstract and go a bold green or even a bright sunshine yellow whatever you choose it’s your choice! This is your chance to go wild, if you would like to, match it to your personality!

Adding a new bath or shower

By updating your bath or your shower you bathroom will have that modern look in no time. If your bath is a little tired it could be creating an old and frumpy look in your bathroom. Changing your bath or shower could give your bathroom a new lease of life and bring it back to the 21st century. Not only that you can look forward to unwinding in your new bath after a long day at the office.

So what are you waiting for? Creating that dream bathroom has never been easier than it has right now. You don’t have to worry about a hefty price tag and sometimes it’s the simple things which make the make all the difference.

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