Tips For Building A Concrete Driveway Colchester


Driveway is an important part of landscaping that gives your neighbours and guests the very first impression of your house. Driveways are driven on every single day so besides looking good the driveways Colchester are ought to be functional and durable. Here in this article some of the tips to pave a concrete and durable driveway are discussed, have a look at these.

A Concrete Plan

To make your driveway functional you need to consider certain things like where you want to pave your driveway. Like if your house is up on the hill then special attention to be given to the contour so that it is not very steep otherwise you will end up toppling your vehicle. If your house is located beside a busy road you will need to pave a circular driveway so that you get enough space for pulling your care around. There should be enough room for pulling your car as to avoid any obstacles like uprooting of trees. You should be able to bypass this kind of obstacles.

Estimate Your Cost

This includes calculating the total amount of concrete that you need the forms you want to use and whether you will use reinforcement materials for the construction or not also needs to be assessed. The cost of labours and equipment also need to be estimated beforehand.

Obtain Government Permits

Apply for permits from the local jurisdiction. Adhere to all the legal formalities required before you start the constructions. It will make your work easier and faster. The municipality officials may also inform you about other formalities that you need to abide by, they can also suggest you ways of construction as they are more aware about the land on which you are going to pave the driveway.

Determine the Soil

Consultation with a civil engineer is of utmost importance before you proceed with the constructions. The determination of the soil quality is important to make the base concrete and durable. If the soil is of soft, sandy or loamy in texture it needs amendment by either adding clay to soils that are sandy, gravel and sand to soils that are loamy in texture and by other mechanical methods.

Measure the width you want to keep

A single one way driveway should measure at least 8 feet whereas the double way driveway should have a minimum of sixteen feet width. Measure the width and then make an outline to visualise your driveway.

Modifications of Underground Utilities

Seek advice from the civil engineers whether you need any modification and reinstallation of any underground utilities like underground telephone lines, water pipes or drainage and sewage pipes. Do these modifications before constructing the concrete driveway.

Proper Grading

Proper grading of the fill materials is important to make the driveways deeper and also to provide additional strength of the driveways by reducing the possibility of cracks. The driveways should be at least four inches in thickness.

Test Drive

A minimum time of three days or more should be given to the newly paved driveway before taking the test drives.

These are some of the tips that will help you to effectively pave your own Driveways Colchester.

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