Why a Basement Renovation is More Sensible than Moving


Buying a house is an exciting time; once you know how much you can afford you can spend a lot of time looking at different properties until you find the one that is just right for you and your family.  In fact many people buy a property with a view to the future and potentially expanding their family, or even creating one.Why a Basement Renovation is More Sensible than Moving

Unfortunately, despite your best plans and intentions it is often the case that your dream home ends up feeling too small.  This may be because your children are growing up or because the open plan layout simply offers no room for privacy or peace.  Whatever the reason, before you decide to place your home on the market you should consider the idea of a basement renovation.  Basement renovations are increasing in popularity and can be the best approach for your space issues in your home:


Moving is an expensive business.  You will have fees to pay to your real estate agent as well as possibly taxes and the cost of a removal firm.  Even if you do the move yourself you will need to rent a large van.

Alongside this you will almost certainly be increasing your mortgage to deal with the bigger house; this will place a strain on your finances for the foreseeable future.


Undertaking a basement renovations project will cost significantly less and, although there will be disturbance from the building and decorating work; this will be much easier to deal with than the process of packing everything up and loading it into a van before unpacking it and sorting it at the other end.

The great thing about basement renovations is that the mess does not normally need to come through the house; there is usually a door out of the basement which can be used to remove waste and bring in supplies.

Additional Space

Unlike purchasing a property and having a specific number of rooms, when you decide to undertake a basement renovations project you can design the space and what it will be used for from scratch.  The majority of basements occupy the entire underneath of the house; this makes it a significant area to improve and gives it a huge amount of potential.  A basement can be turned into a games room, a study and extra bedroom, or it can even become an annex for aging parents.

Of course, as mentioned already, it is highly unlikely that the cost of turning your basement into a useful and gorgeous extension of your home will cost as much as moving house.  A well planned and conducted basement renovation will provide the additional space you need at a fraction of the cost.


Finally, improving your existing home means that you are able to stay in the middle of your current community.  If you have already established relationships with your neighbours and have even become friends then you will not need to leave them and start all over again by moving.  The same benefit can be applied to your children as their school life and friendships will not be affected.

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