Things to Consider While Selecting a Roof Color


People who are going to replace the existing damaged roof with a new roof for revamping the appearance of their house fill with excitement when they talk about the color of roof. It is also a difficult decision because once you have selected a particular color; you have to live with it for a long period. It is the reason; most of the house owners seem confused while they have a number of colors in front of them. We have prepared some guidelines for you that you can follow for choosing the color you like and that will admire the curb appeal of your house.

Climate of Your Area:
The color of shingles can decrease or increase the temperature of your house’s attic by 20-40 degrees. It can further have an effect on the cooling or heating cost of the house. If you are living in hot climate then it is better to install light colored shingles that can deflect the sunlight and keep the temperature of your house lower. While the dark colored shingles are better for areas with lower temperature as they help in melting the snow faster. You can install any of the dark or light colored shingles depending on the climate you are living in.

Coordination of Shingles Color:
It is better to use tow colored of shingles for giving a nice look to the exterior of your house. You can use any of the dark grey with blue color for bricks ad stone roof. Brown and cream colors are also getting very famous and it depends on your choice as well. Keep in mind that the exterior of the house should be painted with a color that has a good combination with surrounding as well including the garden and your neighborhood house. You can use any red, yellow, blue, green color with a light color combination to produce a brighter look of your exterior.

Architectural Style of your House:
Colors play very important role in enhancing the architectural style of your house as dark colors gives a smaller look to the house. The light color in the same way has effect of giving a larger look to the house. You can talk with architect and choose the right color that can give a beautiful look to your house.

Making a Statement:
There are some people who like only one color presenting it as statement. You may have seen such house with only white color on the entire exterior or any other decent color that compliments their house. You can also do the same in case you think that you do not have time for consultation with architect or buying combination of colors. Try giving a more natural look to your house rather than making it completely distinctive that it would not match with other house.

Availability of Colors:
There are some countries and cities that admire a particular color giving the entire area a signature look. Some time it is because other colors are not available in the area or they are more obsessed with the idea of a signature look. You have to consider all these points while searching for the right color for your house. Then see if there is anyone else in your surrounding who has used the same color and take help from them as well. You can also contact with roofing contractors troy Michigan to talk about the colors you want to apply on your roof. Choose the color you like and the color that would give your house a new look.

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