Step by Step Roofing Installation


Roof is an essential part of a house which functions in protecting a house from varies things like, sunlight, rain, snow, windstorm, etc. Sometimes it also protects a house from varies wildlife. The roof installation Southgate Michigan is a professional work as it requires great care and perfection. Even an inch difference can sometimes ruin the whole roof. But there’s no harm in trying it.

    Following are some tools which you will be needing for roofing:

  1. 16 ounce hammer:

This hammer would be the perfect for roofing as it is not too heavy not too light. It can easily nail the shingles onto the roof.

  1. Fiberglass Tear-off Bar:

The tear-off bar is used to remove shingles off the roof. Since, the fiberglass is lighter and stronger than wood therefore it can easily remove old shingles.

  1. Straight Blade Knife:

This straight blade knife has a rubber handle which gives it a firm hold and removable sharp blades.

  1. Long Cut Snips:

This long cut snips helps in cutting shingles very efficiently as it has long snips which gives an efficient and clean cut.

  1. Hammer Tacker:

The hammer tacker is used to apply staples into the roof so that the roof stays firm. 

After you have equipped the necessary tools it is the time to start roofing. You can easily roof by following the below steps:

  1. Remove the old shingles:

To achieve more efficiency the old shingles must be carefully removed including all the nails. For this, the fiberglass tear-off bar would be perfect.

  1. Mounting the metal drip edge:

To avoid your shingles from curling around the edges and water to flow away from fascia boards directly to the gutter or ground. Place your drip edge at a distance of one inch away from the fascia boards. Hold the drip edge in position and fix it with the help of roofing nails and hammer.

  1. Felt paper covering:

Felt paper is used to increase the fire rating of your roof and prevent water from penetrating into it. Install the 30lb felt if you wish to leave your paper exposed for a couple of days. Or else the 15lb paper would work just fine.

Start by taking out a small section of paper and stapling it in center. Perform at least two overlaps at each row.

  1. Fitting the shingles:

Carefully pick the first shingle and place it over the roof. After the shingle is placed carefully nail in the shingle.

After the first shingle is placed the second shingle must be placed really carefully keeping in mind that the tab notches and the ends don’t lie directly above the gaps in the shingle.

After the placement of second shingle cut off the excessive part with the help of knife or long cut snips. Repeat the same for the rest and leave the tar part at the top.

For the plumbing vents, you have to firstly apply the underlayment onto the vents and then cut the shingles according to its size with the help of knife.

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