Things That Can Be Included At the Time of Renovation of the Bathroom


If you are looking to renovate any part of your house whether it is your bedroom, drawing room, dining room, kitchen or your bathroom everything will cost a hefty sum of money. Are you having a minimal budget for your bathroom renovation? Are you looking for inexpensive bathroom renovations? Well, here are certain tips that can help you with your renovation within a suitable budget.

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How to renovate the bathroom at low cost:


Painting is a good alternative for bringing about a change in the look of your bathroom. Generally the size of a bathroom is small in comparison to all the rooms in your house. Thus, it is definitely cost-effective to put a few coats of paint in your bathroom to give an attractive look. You can also put in few country decorations like wainscoting along the walls of your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look alluring by simply painting the walls with a light color and installing wainscoting that has a contrasting color. This contrast effect can be stunning to the eyes and it is not only innovative but also inexpensive bathroom renovations technique.

Installation of Shower Curtains    

Installing attractive looking shower curtains can definitely be bathroom renovations technique. There are various types and styles of shower curtains that are available these days like starched cotton, linen, waterproof silks, and even vinyl. You can choose from them depending on the theme of your bathroom. To make the shower curtains look attractive, you can also fit in some good looking shower curtain holders. These curtain holders are more eye-catching than the normal plastic curtain holders available in the market.

Rugs, Linoleum, and Tile

Most of the bathrooms these days have got tile or linoleum fitted on the floor, but you can also make your bathroom look attractive by simply adding a few rugs which match with the theme of your bathroom. These are a part of bathroom renovations. These rugs can be very comforting after a hot shower bath. These can also be used as protective measures against the chances of slipping. You can also use rugs made out of jute or sisal.


Having a mirror in the bathroom is a must. However, you can certainly replace an old mirror with a new one. Installing framed mirrors can give a more elegant look to your bathroom. These days’ mirrors can be available in various shapes as new technologies can be applied to cut them to desired shapes and sizes. Installation of mirrors is very much cost-effective and so it is certainly a part of bathroom renovations.

What are the extra features which can decorate your bathroom?

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Other Functional Accessories

There are also other accessories that can be installed in a bathroom to give a fresh look. Towels are one such accessory which is very cost-effective. An old and worn-out towel can spoil the entire look of the bathroom no matter how much you renovate. Thus, it is vital to replace old accessories with new ones.

Change the Lighting of the Bathroom

Lights are important fixtures that can help in giving the bathroom a new and fresh look. You can always change the bathroom lights and install new ones with attractive designs. Simple and innovative looking bathroom lights can change the look of your bathroom for better. As the size of a bathroom is comparatively small there is not much of lighting that needs to be installed, thereby making it very cost-effective.

Include the Bathroom Seat in Your Renovation List

With regular use of the bathroom toilet, the chances of the toilet seat getting dirty are very common. Thus, it is better to change the toilet seat at the time of renovation. You can also include a floor mat in front of the toilet seat so that your feet do not get cold during the winter season.

Hope you get all important points when you renovate your bathroom. Moreover, if you want to see more design and get more idea than Click here.

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