A Checklist for Moving Your Office


Think moving out of a house is troublesome enough? Then try moving out of an office. Relocating an office takes a whole lot more preparation and planning. To help you on your way, we have prepared a business moving checklist.

Task #1: Determining When You Will Move

Moving your office may take hours or it may even take days. Contact a few Melbourne furniture removalists and see what they say in terms of how long it will take for your entire office space to be moved to another location. Depending on your needs, the amount of time required may also depend on how long it takes for them to pack and box up your items, remove and install IT systems, and more.

Many reputable furniture removalist companies in Australia offer consultation services where they can sit down with a business owner or manager and create a plan as to what will be moved and when. Business owners may be able to save on moving expenses while also keeping their business running by moving certain items to a new location in stages rather than all in one go. If you meet up with a removalist company you feel comfortable with, now is the time to schedule a time for that move.

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Task #2: Setting up a Communication Plan

Once you have a good idea of what it will take to relocate your business, it’s time to set up a communication plan with everyone who will be affected by the move.

  • Employees: Advise employees of the move as soon as possible so that they can begin to throw out and pack up their belongings. Many employees may choose to transport their personal items themselves.
  • Suppliers: Provide suppliers with your new address as well as when that new date will go into effect as soon as possible.
  • Service Providers: Inform your service providers – such as phone and internet providers, hydro providers, couriers and more – of when you will be moving out of your current location and where you will be moving to.
  • Customers: Let your customers know as soon as possible about your pending move. There are a number of ways to do this – updating the address on your website, sending a reminder with invoices or billing slips, placing phone calls and telling them verbally. If you have a customer service representative on your team, be sure to have the representative remind customers of your new location.

Task #3: Delegate Tasks

Most businesses leave most of the packing up and moving duties to the removalist company they hire. Smaller outfits with a few employees, however, may benefit by delegating tasks to their employees to reduce expenses. Larger companies should consider organising a “moving committee” within their organisation to make sure that the move stays on track.

Task #4: Reconfirm Your Moving Plans

A week or two before the move, reconfirm you moving plans with the removalist company. This is also a good time to make sure that everyone in the company is prepared and will be ready to move on the planned date.

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