The Symptoms That Your AC Unit Is Overcharged With Refrigerant


When you want to cool your home during the hot summer months, you might imagine that more is better. This is something that you should actually avoid when it comes to your AC refrigerant.  Overcharging your system with refrigerant can cause a number of problems, but you need to know what the symptoms of this are. When you understand what the symptoms are, you will be able to tell if this is the problem that you have with the system or if something else is going on.

Your Energy Bills Are Inflated

When you maintain your AC unit correctly, you will benefit from lower energy bills. However, when you notice the opposite happening, you need to carefully consider why this might be happening. A refrigerant overcharge could be causing an inflation of your energy bills.

When your AC unit has too much refrigerant, it will convert heat at a much higher temperature.  This is a problem because the heat could be higher than your system is actually designed to handle. This means that the system has to draw more power to cope with this. It is not only an increase in power usage that you will notice at this point, you will also find that less cool air is being produced.

If you see a spike in your bills, you need to call an AC technician to replace refrigerant. This should be a different technician than the one that placed the refrigerant in the system. This double check will help you determine if the refrigerant is causing the problems with your system.

In Increase In The Heat Discharge

There are a lot of people who realize that their AC unit has too much refrigerant when they are busy outside around the condenser unit. When your system is overcharged, the condenser will generally blast very hot air from the vents. This is a clear indication that the inside of the unit is working at increased temperatures.

The increased heat will come from the motors which have to work overtime when there is a refrigerant overcharge. The extra heat from the overpowered condensing lines will add to this.  Of course, it is important to note that increased heat discharge can also be caused by other issues.

These other issues will include clogged blowers and dirty air filters. This is due to the fact that air will not be able to flow correctly over the condenser lines. However, these problems are generally fixed when you have your system maintained and the refrigerant topped up. If you have recently had the system checked, a refrigerant overcharge will more likely be the cause of the heat.

The Development Of Frost Layers

Frost is actually one of the more complicated problems that your AC unit could face. This is due to the fact that the potential causes are polar opposites. If you have frost developing on your unit, it is recommended that you call a professional to assess the actual cause.

This problem can be caused by too little refrigerant in the system. However, this problem can also be caused by too much refrigerant in the system. The opposing nature of the potential causes is why you need to get a trained professional in, preferably one that is different to the person who topped up your refrigerant the last time.

Strange Noises Coming From The Compressor

Your air conditioner works on pressure and the right levels will need to be maintained. This is important because the refrigerant will be sprayed as a gas through the compressor. If the unit has too much refrigerant in the pressurized lines, it will spray through the hoses and nozzles while still in liquid form.

This will cause a lot of damage to the internal components of your AC unit and will eventually cause serious repairs. As the parts in the compressor start to stall and break, they will make some very strange noises.The most common will be a very loud and very frightening squeal.

The problem with this symptom of an overcharged system is that it occurs only when it is too late to prevent any damage. When you hear this noise, your AC unit is already going to need some very costly repairs. If you hear any noises coming from the compressor, you need to contact a professional to check it for any problems.

A Complete Shut Down

The damage that too much refrigerant can do to an AC unit can be catastrophic. This is why many modern AC units will have a safety switch that detects any changes to pressure in the unit. When there are changes, the unit will automatically shut down to ensure that no damage is done.

When this happens, you will not be able to turn the unit back on. The only way to get the unit to work again is to have a professional service it and manually reset the switch inside the unit. It is important to note that not all units will have this safety feature and those that do not will eventually shut down completely due to the damage the refrigerant has done to it.

Poor Performance

Another symptom of refrigerant overcharge is that your AC unit will not work correctly. You could see a drop in performance along with the other symptoms. The problem with this symptom on its own is the fact that reduced performance can be caused by a number of issues.

Dirty air filters could cause this problem along with the general age of your system. You will need to combine this symptom with some of the others to get a better understanding of the problem. Of course, the easiest solution will be to call a technician when you notice a marked drop in performance.

There are many symptoms of refrigerant overcharge that you need to be aware of. These symptoms are important because too much refrigerant can have catastrophic effects on your AC system.  If you are unsure about the symptoms, you should call a professional as they will generally be able to tell you if your system is overcharged in a matter of minutes.

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