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Putting up decorations at home often bring an air of lightness and serenity, especially if they are green. Green gives calmness to the eyes and often lessens stress. That is why more and more houses place different kinds of plants and flowers as decorations, whether they are potted or hanging ones. The rooms become brighter and friendlier with plants. It gives a more welcoming atmosphere.

However, actual plants are harder to maintain than what it looks like. Apart from the sunlight that plants need to be able to live longer, the constant watering may attract bugs and mosquitoes to the area. Not to mention the maintenance of the soil that they are planted on. So how do homeowners solve this conundrum? Replace actual plants with artificial plants instead.

Artificial plants available in the market nowadays are uncanny resemblance to the real ones. Popular store brands like Domayne carries a wide range of artificial plants and flowers to choose from. From the colors, to the actual texture up to the design of the leaves, stems and veins. There are more design options for artificial plants as well and they come more budget-friendly. Just like some of these amazingly realistic samples:


Potted orchids have become a popular choice when decorating homes, because of how beautiful and classy its petals look like. Not to mention those long stems that could immediately brighten a dull-looking corner of the living room. Or that lonely piece of night stand in the bedroom.

Artificial potted plants like this orchid is easy to find and much easier to maintain as well. Just dust them off with a typical household duster when you see the petals starting to darken. Some artificial orchids come shorter than the others, so it’s up to you on what kind you would prefer depending on the type of house and furniture you have.

Big Leaves


When you are trying to fill up an empty corner in your house, big potted artificial plants with huge leaves would cut across the empty space and liven it up.

Artificial plants with bigger, fan-shaped leaves are quite common and easy to find. These type of artificial plants have become a staple as corner decors primarily because of its unique shape and bright green hue.

These type of artificial plants usually come in big ceramic pots, which you can choose to keep stark or separately decorated as well. If you are going for a minimalistic look, choose a clean basic pot color to match with the rich green leaves.

Wall Accent 

Making wall vines grow can be challenging, and not to mention tedious to maintain. This is especially true if you are trying to cover an entire wall in your home’s patio or backyard.

There are now artificial plants that can replace this and they look extremely realistic. Not only are they a breeze to clean, they are much easier to uninstall in case you decide to decorate that area a different way.

You can easily put up other decorations on it as well without risking of the decors dropping, because the artificial plant can be pasted or glued on.

Hanging Plants  

Hanging plants are no longer just for the outdoors. More and more contemporary homes are putting up hanging plants as adornment to stark walls. To make it more budget-friendly, you can choose to use artificial plants instead as a replacement and nobody would be the wiser.

Artificial hanging plants can be purely leafy or you can choose a design with a mix of small flowers in it. These artificial plants already come with its own hanging pot which is very easy to put up by just installing a hook it can hang on.

Potted Vines 

When decorating an empty mantle, a lone coffee table or the top of a fireplace, potted vines are usually a top choice given its classy and minimalistic look. However, because real leafy vines tend to grow fast, they can be hard to maintain especially if used as decorations for smaller table tops.

You can substitute with this an artificial counterpart instead that looks exactly like the real one. Artificial plants that are potted vines are more economical and you don’t need to pick up dried leaves that fall of their branches. As a tip, when it comes to potted artificial plants, Staghorn Vine Plant is a good choice.

So don’t spend too much on plant decorations for your home just yet. Take a trip to stores like Domayne and browse through the many options for artificial plants. Not only will you be able to buy more for decorating, you can also save more in maintaining them.

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