The role of doors and windows


When building houses and real estate, design used to be a less important aspect.

The role of doors and windows in interior design

When building houses and real estate, design used to be a less important aspect. Durability, stable construction, safety and comfort were the main focus. These qualities are still very important factors, but style and aesthetics are also playing an increasingly important role in design and construction. The material and appearance of doors and windows, windows and doors have also changed a lot over time. In terms of their function, they perform heat and sound insulation and safety tasks.

Let’s open a window to the world!

The windows can be made of wood or plastic. The advantage of wooden windows is that the wood is ventilated, so there is less chance of mold, but the apartment can often be drafty. Wooden windows also require special care if you want them to have a beautiful and natural effect in decades to come. Plastic windows are the most popular today, as they close perfectly and without gaps, so they are also useful in terms of heat and sound insulation. However, due to the gap-free sealing, the walls can become moldy, so even in winter, ventilate several times a day.If we like natural light in their home, we should install as large windows and glass patio doors as possible in our apartment, if our possibilities allow. The incoming sunlight creates a warmer, friendlier atmosphere and makes homeowners feel better. Large glass surfaces also have disadvantages. This is because glass reflects sounds and creates echoes. If we spend a lot of time in an unpleasant-sounding, echoing room, we will soon experience its negative effects. It can lead to headaches, nervousness and, in the long run, even more serious illnesses.

If you want to save energy in your home, it is worth using insulated windows. These bottles are quite expensive, so not everyone may be able to afford them. It is recommended to provide the windows with suitable insulation material in order to keep as little heat as possible out of the rooms.If you live in an old building where the thermal insulation is inadequate, or if there are large window surfaces in our apartment, sound-absorbing, acoustic panels, acoustic curtains can be useful. These fabrics have specifically sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties. In contrast to traditional curtains, they attenuate noise much more effectively. And with their thermal insulation, we can also save energy, which not only matters for environmental protection, but can also reduce our overhead costs.Soundproof curtains can also be used as blinds and look good as home decorations thanks to the wide range of colours and patterns. Perfect Acoustic was a great help to me in writing.

Don’t rush into the house together with the door!

The dimensions and type of doors are also determined by the size and design of the property. There are single-leaf, double-leaf doors, sliding doors, and can be made of wood, plastic or glass. For sliding doors, we can expect larger gaps than for conventional doors. Sounds are reflected from the surface of glass doors, which can result in unpleasant acoustics. Heat-insulated glass can also be used in the doors, but it won’t be cheap fun. The gaps in the doors must also be insulated if we do not want the heat to escape through the gaps. Thermal insulation is not only important during the winter season. Think of thermal insulation even during the summer heat. If an air conditioner is used, pleasant, cool air will flow out at the edges of poorly insulated doors and sultry, warm air will flow in. Thermal insulation curtains placed in front of the doors or even used as a room divider effectively reduce noise and can also be used for thermal insulation.In older houses, the doors may not be gap-free. Sound and heat-insulating mats can be placed on the wooden floor or tile, which also protects against drafts under the door. Soundproofing mats also do a good job in front of the patio and front doors, against drafts and noise.

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