5 Things Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home


Remodeling your home can be exciting and it can also be expensive. There are a variety of factors to consider, from long-term home value, proper construction processes, and the overall budget of your renovation project. You might not realize just how much time and money goes into some of the changes that you might want to make to your home.

Homeownership is all about making your home space comfortable and useful for you and your family, but you should never jump into a remodel with both feet before you have done some research. Making sure that you really, truly do want to make the changes that you have in mind before you start working on the project is a good way to prevent cost overruns and mistakes that will be hard to fix.

If you are ready to learn more about what not to do when remodeling your home, read on!

Things Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home

1.       Not Every Project is DIY

If you have the skills to do an upgrade and you want to take that on, then go for it! However, always consider that not every remodel project is one that you will be able to undertake on your own or with the help of a YouTube video. Some projects, such as wiring electrical and other sensitive parts of a makeover to your home require specialized skills and the ability to do the task safely and correctly.

The other part of the DIY project problem is that it often takes far longer to complete these kinds of projects than people imagine. You might think that it will take you a weekend to upgrade a bathroom and then find that you still have not finished the project three months later. Being able to decide what is realistic for you to work on yourself and what is really a job for experts is a bit part of having a good remodel outcome.

2.       Don’t Assume That You Cannot Add a Fireplace

If your dream remodels include adding a fireplace to your living room or bedroom, but state laws or the limitations of the interior wall space in your home make it impossible, don’t give up! Many people are not aware that they can purchase electric fireplaces in many sizes and styles to fill this kind of need. Electric fireplaces are beautiful, easy to place and give out lovely heat.

If you need to add a fireplace to a smaller room like a bedroom or you want to have an imposing mantle in the living room, a wall mount electric fireplace can take care of these needs. Best of all, the fireplace will reduce your heating costs during the cold months and you will be able to have the eye-catching centerpiece in your living room that you have always wanted without significant construction and cost!

3.       Do Not Skip Making a Budget

This is a common issue that limits remodel projects quickly and with depressing results. You might want to renovate some major parts of your home and think that you can afford to do so until the project gets rolling and you run out of money. Many unfinished home spaces are the result of this lack of planning and forethought.

If you want to avoid having to take a break from a remodel until you have saved up the money needed to complete it, make sure that you budget carefully for the project. Always leave a slush fund of excess money in the budget for surprise issues and cost overruns as this is just part of the remodeling process.

4.       Do Not Forget to Look Into Building Codes and Laws

This is a common issue that happens with larger remodels like adding a wood fireplace, or creating a home with a large footprint. Some local laws or building codes will not allow you to add or change your home in the ways that you might have been planning. This can be very frustrating to find out halfway through a project, and sometimes it can lead to disastrous results if your home is only half remodeled and you have to change the entire plan for the job.

Always make sure to enlist the help of a professional if you are not sure about local building codes and regulations. There is nothing worse than having to live in a partially remodeled home for a while to correct an error related to laws and other complex codes.

5.       Don’t Forget To Have a Plan B

This can seem like it is not the most fun part of a remodel project, and people don’t like to have to consider that the perfect flooring, the perfect tile, or the perfect appliances will not be available once their remodel actually begins. The hard truth is that supplies of many items can change while you are working on your remodel, and you will need to have a backup plan for almost every detail if you do not buy products in advance.

It is always wise to have a secondary plan in your budget and you’re remodeling considerations before you start on the project. Pick out the second kind of flooring, another kind of tile, and make a list of acceptable appliances in case the ones that you have picked out are suddenly not available. Planning ahead like this will soften the blow if your dream materials are suddenly not available.

Planning a Remodel is All About Thinking Ahead

Most of the things that you should avoid doing during a remodel can be avoided with a good plan before the project gets started. Thinking ahead, making a budget, and having a plan B for when surprises come up will make your home remodel a breeze.

Your home is a big part of your life and being able to make it comfortable and cozy for your needs is important. Always make sure to research your remodel and hire expert help when you need it, and you will be able to create the home of your dreams!

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