The Importance of 3D Floor Plans


Architectural floor plans consist of an intricate diagram or a combination of diagrams showing the top view of a home, shop or multi-story building. The floor plans contain the interior, exterior, door frames, windows, walls, shower panels, closets and even the cabinetry. However, to the average person, all of that information is hard to process. Most ordinary people have no idea what the floor plans mean which makes explaining how the building will look and feel difficult. 3D floor plans put all those 2D plans into 3D relevance. 3D plans will also contain other minor details like electrical outlets, furniture and even the tiles that may be used.

3D Floor Plans Keep a Building on Track

Any contractor and architect will tell you that the floor plans are the heart and soul of a construction project. However, 3D floor plans are a lot more effective when it comes to helping keep a project on track regarding its interior and outline. Since 3D renders and drawings are built to scale it is easier for the builder to visualize and translate all that information into real-time building processes.

Highly Effective at Building Homes

Building a home is a lot easier and quicker when you’re using 3D floor plans as it helps organize and design each room in advance. The plans will also help to address aspects of the home like the attic and basement. Also, if the homeowner wants changes to be made its implications can be easily seen in the 3D renders of the plans, which is a lot cheaper to do then trying to modify a finished home.

Plus, when it comes to building a home 3D floor plans makes it easier to chart out the right wiring and plumbing route which then directly means that electrical outlets, switches, and taps can be planned in advance. So, there is no ambiguity for the homeowner or the person who is going to buy the home.

Makes it Easier to Sell a Home

Real estate agents and individual homeowners have also effectively used 3D floor plans of their homes to sell it. 3D plans help to highlight the essential features of a house which may otherwise not be visible in photos. For instance, an eye-catching texture, or decking quickly shows potential buyers how a home looks without having to visit it physically.

The great thing about 3D building plans is that even furniture and other minor titbits can be added which makes the space more appealing. Some homeowners may also want to combine photographs with the 3D floor plans so that potential buyers get an interactive virtual walkthrough of the home.

Choose Professionals for 3D Work

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that 3D floor plans help to fine tune minor and major aspects of the design in real time. Everything and anything can easily be changed before the plans are finalized, and construction commences on the project. If anything it speeds things up from conceptualizing to final delivery of a building project.

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