The greener guide to garden clearance


There really is nothing quite like the pleasure derived from a well-maintained lawn, which is why it might be time to carry out a thorough garden clearance. If you’ve got green fingers, but don’t quite know how to dispose of your garden waste then some of these convenient tips could really prove helpful! It won’t really take as much time as you think, and if you’re already knee deep in the garden sporting protecting gardening gloves, why not just add another hour to the clock and take care of your rubbish removal!

It’s true that not all of your garden waste is effortlessly recyclable, but you’d be surprised to find out what can actually be recycled! Grass shavings after mowing the lawn, those persistent weeds once pulled, fallen leaves and even small twigs can all be used as green waste, in other words, it is biodegradable and therefore an environmentally friendly means of performing your garden waste clearance! So why take the opportunity to contribute your part to saving the planet and separate your green waste from tree branches, soil and even plant pots or garden furniture that needs to go! It would be wise to separate your garden waste into two separate piles. For effective garden furniture disposal make sure you inform the rubbish clearance company of all the items that need to go!

The greener guide to garden clearance

A good point of fact is that junk removal companies usually charge based on the volume of your waste, so why not try and reduce the amount of rubbish you have collected by placing heavier items that needed disposing of, (like old heavy ceramic plant pots) on top of things like soil or broken up tree branches. If you do bother to separate your green waste from everything else, remember to put it in large garden bags. This will also help reduce the bulk of your waste! It will also speed up your garden clearance time as the clearance professionals will be able to load plastic bags containing waste onto their vans in less time than it would take to have to first bag all your green waste before hand!

There are two ways to have your garden waste removed. The first is the cheaper option of hiring a man with a van service, as these companies charge for waste disposal by the amount of waste and time taken to do the job. You can save yourself some money by placing your garden waste as close as possible to the van’s parking space. Your second option is to invest in skip hire. This is a sensible route to take if you have heaps of garden waste or require furniture clearance. Remember that you’ll need to obtain a skip permit and permission from you local council to place the skip on the street! Skips do come in varying sizes, depending on your clearance requirements and volume of waste!

If you’ve been left with logs in your garden and have your own fireplace, then you can reduce the amount of garden waste, by burning your own logs. However if you rely solely on central heating, then why not try and sell your logs to families or even pubs that use wood burning fires. You can also earn a little something extra to help pay for the clearance company!

Definitely one of the more arduous clean-up operations, garden clearance means you literally have to put your back into it! But the results will speak for themselves. Remember regular garden clean ups will lessen all the hard work or necessity of a major clearance!

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