The Benefits of using a Wood Burning Stove


If you’re looking for an open fire, how about a wood burning stove?  For a cosy home there’s nothing better than a wood stove.  The fuel is economical and ecological, the look is attractive and the heat is warm.  Most people who have used stoves before say that wood heat is warmer than any other kind of heat.  That might seem impossible but wood really does make for a comfortable home.

There are many advantages of having a wood stove as your main heat source or at least as a supplemental heater.  Here are some of the reasons why more and more people are using wood burning stoves:-

  • Wood is cheaper to buy than other heating fuels
  • Wood is a renewable energy source
  • You can save a lot of money by harvesting your own wood

Wood Burning Stove

You never quite know where you are with oil prices, propane gas or electricity prices, but you do with wood.  If you have an old fashioned fireplace, make sure you get an energy efficient fireplace insert before using it.  Most of the heat from a fireplace goes right up the chimney including polluting emissions from the smoke.  If you choose an insert with a glass door, you can enjoy the fire just as much as you would enjoy it in the fireplace; this also applies to a wood stove.  There’s nothing quite like having than a glass door to view a fire through.

Self sufficient

You really can be self-sufficient when using a wood burning stove.  Having to rely on electricity or gas for heat means you must be part of the system.  Naturally, there’s no need to give up electricity and gas altogether, with wood heat you can always stay warm if everything else fails.  If you’re in the market for a wood burning stove, check out the exciting range of Morsø products.  There’s a great range of stoves to choose from like:-

  • Boiler stoves
  • Double sided stoves
  • Freestanding stoves
  • Traditional stoves
  • Wall hanging stoves

You can expect the latest in cutting-edge design when buying a Morsø stove.  This particular product range is also ideal for those who want to inject warmth and style into smaller rooms and properties where space may be an issue.  Behind the glass, specialists have developed a combustion technology that uses pre-heated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gasses are burnt.  This results in both a more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

Plenty of online information

There’s plenty of online information if you’re interested in knowing the ins and outs of wood burning stoves.  This will help to make your purchase decision easier when you find out about the many benefits of using this type of heating source.  The great news is, reputable manufacturers and designers of wood burning stoves also provide a full installation service, what more could you ask for?

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