How to Find the Best North York Appliance Repair Service Company


Let’s face it, any of your appliances can give you tip top performance during their first year. After a year, just when they are already out of warranty, they can start giving you problems. This is why you need to be in contact with a pretty good North York appliance repair company. How do you know if you are getting the best appliance repair services, though? You might want to shop around to the best company in town before that washing machine conks out.

Look for referrals. The best kind of referral will come from someone who has had experience with more than one North York appliance repair company. You can get several referrals from neighbors, family and friends in the area and see if the name of a company pops up twice in your survey. Take note though that popularity is not always equal to quality. Some people only prefer certain companies because they are also the most heavily marketed.

Look for good companies online. In a way, a North York appliance repair company who can be found in online listings and who has the capacity to advertise is someone who is pretty established in the business already. This can be a good thing and a bad thing for you. It is a good thing because that listing can be indicative that the repair company is too “big time” to try to con you. They are trying to protect their reputation. It could be a bad thing because their visibility online means they are paying for the exposure. That could mean that the company’s appliance repair services is a bit costlier than most. However, you will never know unless you’ve asked about it.

Appliance Repair Service

Ask about their license and insurance. Once you have narrowed down your choices for the best appliance repair services, it is time to make calls. During this time, you should be prepared to take down their license and insurance details. A good company can provide both. You need to ask about their licenses not just to make sure that their business is legitimate. You also need this to make sure that the electricians who are doing the work on your appliances are trained, and that you are not letting an amateur tinker and damage your appliances further. Good companies also have insurance just in case their repair service makes matters worse for your appliances.

Ask how they price their services. You must also ask about how they price their services. Will you be paying their repairmen by the hours, or only once the appliance is up and running? Where will they be doing the work? Will you have to deal with the mess they make at home, or will they be picking up your appliance so they can work on it in their office? How long would this take, and what about the transportation costs? You need to know these things because you do not want to be taken by surprise once the bill arrives.

Throw in a specific question. When you are just shopping for appliance repair companies, you have the right to “test” them. You can throw in a random repair question for dummies and see how they respond to it. A professional would catch on and recognize the “test” and would answer the best way he could. If the person at the other end of the line refuses to answer, consider moving on to another repair company.

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