The Advantages of Renting a Construction Mat


Reliable construction mats are an absolute necessity on any job site on which heavy vehicles are found. In addition to preventing heavy-duty equipment from becoming stuck or tipping over, these mats ensure that they have strong, level surfaces on which to be driven. Failure to equip a job site with construction mats is likely to result in a compromised project schedule and personal injury to your equipment operators. Budget-conscious construction firms will be pleased to learn that these mats can be rented for very reasonable prices. When shopping around for the best mat rental service, you can’t go wrong with Quality Mat Company.

crane mat rentals

Enormous Selection of Mats

We offer an extensive selection of construction mats for a wide array of projects. Whether you’re in the market for crane mat rentals, rig mats, or eco mats, we have what you need for an unbeatable price. Furthermore, if you’re unclear on the best type of construction mat for your particular project, our support team will gladly help you make an informed decision.

Wide Variety of Transport Options

No matter where your job site is, we’ll be able to get your mats there in a timely manner. At Quality Mat Company, we offer clients a convenient range of transport options, including truck, train, and barge. In addition, we’re meticulous about securely packing mats, thus ensuring that mats don’t become damaged or fall out of place while in transit to our clients.

Stellar Customer Care

As a family-owned enterprise, Quality Mat Company realizes the importance of paying special attention to client concerns and queries. Unlike larger-scale operations, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to addressing our customers’ needs. Whenever you contact us with a problem, you won’t be re-directed from one automated message to another; you’ll have your query promptly addressed by our eager-to-please support team.

When working in construction, the quality of your jobs is often reflected in the quality of your equipment. That being the case, it behooves construction firms to invest in safe, reliable mats. Renowned for our wide selection, fantastic prices, and high level of customer care, Quality Mat Company is one of the country’s foremost purveyors of construction mats.

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