7 ways to prepare your house to increase chances of selling it quickly


Selling a house is not always an easy task. It may languish on the house market for a period of time while similar houses and homes are scrambled for by eager buyers for a number of reasons that have got to do with the basics of presentation.

There are various ways as gathered from real estate experts that are easy and inexpensive that can make your home attractive to house shoppers. A few of these might involve greasing your hands but why worry if it will make you sell the house sooner.


Below the best-kept secrets that will help you sell your house within no time.

  1. Get your pricing right

Research to find out the worth of your house then you can shave off a percentage of the price; let’s say up to 15 percent. You will have a lot of bids from clients for your house. Most times they will even bid upwards away from the price you stipulated. Though it’s the best strategy for selling a home currently, most home owners think it’s risky.

  1. Use effective lighting

The second thing after location that house shoppers look for in a home is proper lighting. Make your house more appealing to them by increasing the watts of your lighting systems and bulbs, clearing the bushes around the house to let in sunshine, cleaning the windows and changing the lampshades. All these will help you to maximize the home lighting and make it stand out.

  1. Upgrade any are that is looking a bit worn

Only do necessary fixtures that will pay off such as repainting the walls of the house, cleaning the curtains or buying new ones that are not very expensive, replacing door handles, cleaning the grout, fixing leakages and the doors of the house.

  1. Keep it neutral

Customers can imagine living in your house only if they do not see a lot of your personal stuff in it. You should get rid of some of your stuff such as photos and store them. It will also help you while staging to showcase the space of the room and floor pattern.

  1. Clear out and tidy up

Most home buyers will very much consider storage space of their belonging and might at times during the house tour peep into your closets. Try taking out some of the stuff from the closets to make it half empty then neatly arrange the contents. It is likely to show that there is much room than when it is full.

  1. Hire an informed real estate broker

Hiring a wrong discount real estate broker might kill your sale and make your house spend longer time in the market. Hire an informed broker who is technologically savvy as this will increase the chances of your house selling faster. He should be in a position to identify the competitions in your neighbourhood by constantly checking the local MLS.

  1. Pets don’t win prizes

It is not everyone that loves pets. Some buyers would never want to enter your house and meet pets or see the bowls used to feed them lying around as it will likely put them off. They might perceive the house to be rather untidy. In case of a visit send your pets to a pet hotel.

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