Six Things to Consider When Planning to Build an Outbuilding


Outbuildings are great additions to any property as they can add both curb appeal and value to any home. An outbuilding can offer a great deal of extra convenience and efficiency to any home. But, before you have one built on your property, you need to understand the ins and outs of outbuildings. You need to keep the following in mind:

Local Zoning Laws

If you are planning a home addition, you need to be familiar with local zoning laws. However, if you are working with a reputable Twin Falls, Idaho outbuildings builder, much of this part of the process will be handled for you. Your local laws, ordinances, and zoning implications may have restrictions on what you can do with an outbuilding addition, so make sure to educate yourself about these. 

Planning Permission

Whether you want to build a garage, outbuilding, or an extension, you need to get a building permit to construct a new structure on your property or an addition to an existing structure. Failing to obtain proper planning permission can leave you facing significant penalties and fines. When building an outbuilding, you must adhere to some basic rules which you should check from your local planning authority.

How You Want to Use the Outbuilding

Before you plan your outbuilding, decide what you want to do for it. If you are building a garage, you may want to double it up as a workshop, a study area, a small gym, or a tool shed. When it comes to outbuildings, you have more flexible options.

Outbuilding Size

Consult a certified outbuildings builder on how you allow rooms for your plans based on your property’s dimension. This kind of project is not supposed to be a DIY endeavor, but if you undertake it as such, make sure to have the dimensions measured and confirmed by a pro.

The Materials to be Used

When it comes to the material to be used for your outbuilding, you must go for quality, durable and sustainable ones. The majority of modern outbuildings are made from timber because of their excellent insulation properties, general aesthetics, and affordability. Many homeowners prefer oak because of its versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

How Much You Can Afford

Before you plan your outbuilding, you need to have a budget in mind first. You will plan your project around this budget. Your budget should cover materials, labor, size, and interior design needs. 

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