7 Ways to Reduce your Monthly Expenses


The need to reduce our monthly expenses is present in many households. Since the world

entered a global pandemic, the number of Australians that need to reduce our monthly overheads has increased.

Numerous reasons might result in you and your loved ones needing to get your monthly expenses under control.

Whether you are trying to increase your savings, buy a home, travel the world, or even get

out of debt, reducing your monthly expenses is likely to help.

Accept Reality

We believe that the first step to getting your monthly expenses under control is accepting that there is a problem that needs fixing.

Until you accept that something needs to be done, you might not be fully committed to making the sacrifices needed to reduce monthly costs.

The first step to solving an issue is accepting that there is a problem that needs solving. So, when you accept reality, you can begin the journey towards financial independence without fear.

Needs and Wants

When we are ready to reduce monthly expenses, one of the significant steps is separating needs from wants.

This involves asking important questions like can I live without a product or service I am currently paying for?

Are you a young professional who never has time to watch TV? If this is you, then a monthly TV subscription might not be ideal for you.

Distinguishing between needs and wants can also help you make smarter purchase and investment decisions.

Shop Around for Service Providers

When it comes to service providers, a shocking number of Australians do not shop around.

We find a service provider and stick with them.

If we told you that you could get amazing discounts and value on many services and utilities, would you believe us?

Many times, service providers are offering their expertise and products at a fantastic rate and better quality.

Develop a Maintenance Culture

One of the best ways to avoid spending an unnecessary amount of money on household

appliances are to properly maintain them.

Australians spend an obscene amount of money monthly replacing and repairing appliances

that could have had a longer lifespan through proper maintenance.

A great example is when Joey, a friend of ours, reduced his electricity bill by properly maintaining his ducted air conditioning system.

Improved performance and efficiency increased his air conditioning system’s lifespan.

Diversify your Income Sources

For most of us, we have fixed expenses that are always constant no matter how much we

consume. A few of these costs include, monthly mortgage repayments, rent, base utility fares, and car payments.

Since you cannot reduce some of these costs, why not make the most of it? For example, if

you have a spare room in your home, Airbnb is an excellent option to save and make some extra income.


Often, when we hear the word DIY (do it yourself), our minds go to home repair and construction.

By embracing a DIY culture, you can cut down on expenses and live a healthier life. Instead of eating out often, why not cook for yourself and increase the number of home-cooked meals you consume?

Apart from the health benefits of eating healthier, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Control your Entertainment Subscriptions

Over the past decade, there has been a rise of digital entertainment platforms offering their services on a monthly subscription basis.

For most of us, $15 a month for a service we love is not too much. But when we begin to

pay $15 each month to ten subscription services we love, it will add up quickly.

This can end up costing you and your household a considerable amount of money. Please prioritize your entertainment subscriptions and keep no more than two or three at a time.

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