Simple Tips for Transforming Your Space


Do you ever feel like you can’t stand your own home? A good home can be a big comfort on a rough day, but an ugly piece of furniture that you regret buying or a bland decorating style that you wish you could do better than are the sorts of things that can easily make a bad mood worse. It’s at times like these when you may wish you had one of those beautiful rooms: one of those ridiculous Instagram-worthy spots that you see on interior design blogs and in the glossy pages of hip magazines.

A lived-in space isn’t necessarily ever going to look or feel exactly like those photographed ideals, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make major changes to your space. You can and should transform your rooms into ones that can reliably make you feel comfortable and happy. You want to love what you’re looking at and the room that you’re in.

Before you throw out all of your furniture, though, you should know this: it doesn’t take a full-room overhaul to dramatically transform a room. In fact, there are some surprisingly subtle techniques that can lead to a ripple effect that transforms your whole space. Here are our best tips for simple changes that make a big difference in your room.

Upgrade a single piece of furniture

If you hate your furniture, you’ll probably be tempted to transform your room by transforming every last piece of furniture: replacing your chairs, bookshelves, TV stand, and so on. But if you do that, you’ll spread out your budget and will make only marginal improvements. Your place will look very different on the surface, but don’t be surprised if doing this doesn’t make it feel different — and don’t be surprised if, a few years later, you are tempted to do the whole thing over again.

Allow us to propose an alternative. Why don’t you pick one high-impact piece — something large, useful, and on display in your space — and make a major upgrade? Don’t just go from thrift-shop find to Ikea buy: instead, go for the really fancy stuff, the high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. (Remember, you can haggle at furniture stores!) Buy a piece you love and a piece that will last. Then, let it draw attention in its new home.

Later on, of course, you can do this again with a different piece. But each time you do it, you’ll be buying a piece that will stand the test of time. Ideally, you’ll be buying your last one of each item: the last TV stand you’ll ever buy, the last bookcase, and so on.

Add a canvas print

Wall hangings are a must in interior design, but a lot of us have fallen into a bad habit of choosing unimaginative things for our walls. Framed photos, framed paintings, even framed posters: they’re all familiar sights on living room and bedroom walls, and they don’t always add as much as we’d like.

Here’s an idea: use a canvas print. An elegant canvas print can be a classy choice in just about any room, and it will give you something to hang up other than another boring frame. It will give you a three-dimensional wall hanging that gives your room a bit more texture. And a good printer, explain the pros at Simple Canvas Prints, will be able to deliver you the bright colors and sharp images that make the canvas feel like real art.

Of course, canvas prints aren’t your only option. But the point is to break out of the world of framed art and photos. You can also consider a mirror (great for making small spaces look larger), a shadow box, or another non-framed option.

Get rid of something

Transforming a room doesn’t always have to mean adding some new piece of furniture or wall hanging. Sometimes, it’s good to practice a little bit of addition by subtraction!

Once we acquire things, it’s easy to forget why we wanted them in the first place — yet hard to let those same things go! People are very reluctant to throw things out. But trust us: if you banish some hated chair or dresser from your space, you’ll be happier.

So to transform your room, get rid of something. Preferably something big, like a piece of furniture. You’ll gain space, and you’ll be able to use that space however you want.

Maybe you’ll later elect to replace that object with something that you love. But you may not! In interior design, space is a very valuable thing. You may realize that you never really needed a given piece of furniture in the first place, and may decide that the flow and ease of movement that you’ve gained by banishing it is far more pleasing than the piece itself ever was.

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