3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Warm During Winter


Winter is here, and you are probably searching for ways to keep your home warm during this cold season.

Well, the harsh cold weather can have a significant impact on your health especially if you’re sensitive to temperature change. For that reason, you’ll learn three easy ways of keeping your home, health, and sanity intact without breaking the bank.

Some of these options are intended to prevent the loss of heat from your home, and others will add warmth or help maintain the recommended temperature in spaces you need heat the most.

Purchase a Space Heater

Using a space heater for your room is one of the best ways not only to keep your home warm but also to save energy.

During winter, many homeowners switch on their central heating systems and run them for the entire day. This explains why the heating cost of many homes shoots to more than 70 percent of the total energy consumption during winter.

Using a space heater can help you stay warm while saving the amount of money you spend on heating because you only warm spaces that you are using. Space heaters are treated as supplemental heating systems, which means they are suitable when you don’t want to run your primary heating system for a long time or if you need to heat a small space like your bedroom, living room or bathroom.

Upgrade Your Roof’s Insulation

How many times do you crank your furnace up but the thermostat just takes too long to reach the set temperature. Well, there might be many reasons to explain that, but one of them is poor roof insulation.

When you have a poorly insulated roof, heat escapes and it takes more time for the whole house to be heated. This can leave you with a massive heating bill. But that’s not all, as your furnace is pumping out hot air, the cold air from the outside is also allowed to enter your home through the roof. This can also affect the time it takes the furnace to heat your home as well as its efficiency.

Therefore ensuring that your roof is insulated correctly is one of the best temperature optimization upgrades for your home.

Maintain Your Windows and Doors

It is critical to keep your windows and doors are in good condition. This way, you can be sure that they will help keep heat in and cold out.

You can check for air leaks around your doors and windows and seal them by adding caulk or weather stripping. It’s advisable that you choose a high-quality material that stays sealed.

Also, weather stripping around the window and doors are notorious for preventing heat loss, so you want to replace them at the right time before the harsh cold weather.

Other great ideas for preventing heat loss through the door and window are sealing air leaks around the chimneys as well as keeping your flue closed when not having a fire.

If you have screen windows or door, it is also wise to replace them with storm windows and door. But don’t throw them away because you’ll still need them when the weather warms up.

If you want to keep your home warm as well as improve your indoor air quality, QualityHomeAirCare has all the information you need.

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