Signs Your Boiler Needs an Immediate Replacement


The boiler of your home is responsible for a lot of things, which makes it difficult when it is in disrepair. In most situations, you just need to get your boiler repaired when it is acting strangely, but there are some situations where your boiler should be replaced immediately.

With the boiler being such a regularly used appliance, especially during the colder seasons of the year, it should be replaced as soon as you notice some of these signs:

  • There is a yellow flame in the boiler
  • You notice frequent leaks with your boiler
  • Your boiler is constantly needing to be repaired
  • Fuel costs are much higher than they used to be

The Right Time to Get Your Boiler Replaced

Many people believe that just because their boiler isn’t immediately showing any issues, it is in excellent working order, but sometimes a boiler could be on the verge of breaking down, but there are no visible signs.

It is recommended to replace your boiler every 15 years. If your boiler hasn’t been replaced in that time, you should hire professionals for an emergency boiler replacement in Bath. The older a boiler gets, the more likely it is going to need extensive repairs until the point where the costs become greater than just replacing it.

Dealing with an Emergency

If you notice that your boiler is acting strangely, stop using it immediately and hire emergency services to come take a look at it.

A boiler in disrepair could damage the home, or you may injure yourself if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. In the event of an emergency, always reach out to a professional as quickly as possible.



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