Perfect Fusion: How to Make Your Bedroom Look Perfect


The perfect bedroom design brings together a variety of distinctive elements to create one unified and glorious expression of style. How do you create your ideal room? Use this simple checklist to design the bedroom that suits you best.

Choose a Color Palette

Choose a color palette as early in the design process as possible. If you like to do things methodically, start with a look at the color wheel. The colors that lie next to each other on the wheel, such as blue and green, create the most casual feeling – just right for a bedroom.

Colors can create a sense of warmth or coolness:

  • Cool colors – green, blue, purple
  • Warm colors – yellow, orange, red

If you’re still undecided about what colors you want for your bedroom, you can take a more intuitive approach. Start by finding an item that appeals to you, such as a piece of furniture, a work of art, or a colorful rug. Then, choose colors from that item.

Start with a Fantastic Bedroom Set

The bedroom set you choose will automatically be the central element of your bedroom design. Its size alone will call attention to it. If you’re on a budget, choose an affordable bedroom set that appeals to you without breaking the bank.

First, consider practical questions. Is your space large enough for a canopy bed? Do you need the storage space you can get from a bookcase bed or storage bed?

Now, think about style. If you like a modern look, you can choose a modern or contemporary style furniture. Choose a vintage, rustic, or cottage set if you prefer an unfussy, nostalgic style. Traditional bedroom sets add a note of refinement and taste.

Dress Up Your Bed

Dressing your bed can be an exciting adventure. Layer on sheets, a coverlet or bedspread, and decorative pillows in colors from the palette you chose and/or coordinating neutrals. Always remember that this masterpiece of design you’re creating must be livable. So, be sure the colors and patterns work together to create a relaxing space.

Mix It Up with Texture

Adding texture brings a bedroom to life. There are two basic types of texture in interior design: visual texture and tactile texture. Tactile texture is the texture you feel when you touch something. It’s the nubby surface of a knitted throw or the satiny feel of smooth sheets.

Visual texture is the texture you see. Smooth visual textures reflect more light and give a more modern impression. Rough visual textures absorb light, give a feeling of warmth, and have a more rustic look. Combining a few different textures can make your design more interesting, but too many textures can make your room look busy and cluttered.

Include Your Favorite Things

Your bedroom design might be appealing to someone else, but does it feel good to you? One way to make sure it does it to include some of your favorite things. Include a favorite work of art, a piece of memorabilia, or a treasured keepsake to make the room your own. Customizing your bedroom makes it feel cozier and more like home.

Make a Seating Area

If you have enough space in your bedroom, set up a seating area. A couple of soft chairs set up in an alcove can transform your bedroom into your own personal hideaway. A chaise lounge or “fainting couch” is a nice touch for a classic bedroom.

Think about what you might do while you’re in your bedroom, too. If you’re a new parent, a beautiful wood rocking chair is both practical and attractive. Or, choose a comfortable recliner and a small bookcase for a cozy reading nook.

Pamper Your Feet

When you go to your bedroom and take off your shoes after a long day, what surface will greet your feet? Hardwood floors look fabulous, but they’re hard and cold to your feet. If you have a hard floor, add a rug for warmth, softness, and beauty.

What rug should you choose? Go back to the style you chose for your bedroom. If your bedroom furniture is rustic, you might choose a handwoven rug. For a modern room, choose a smooth rug in an abstract design.

You’ll also want to choose a rug that works with your color scheme. A common interior design rule is that darker, deeper colors should go closer to the floor. Also, before you settle on which rug is best, feel the surface of the rug to make sure it will welcome your tired feet in style.

Designing the perfect bedroom is a labor of love. When you finish, you’ll have a room that you’ll enjoy, and others will admire. There’s no better time than now to get started creating your ideal comfort zone. So, choose your color scheme, set up your bedroom sets free delivery, and start looking for the accessories that appeal to your own personal sense of style!

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