Sell your Old Kitchen for a New Dream Kitchen


The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and in order to perform as it should, the right appliances need to be in the right places, along with a myriad of other essential tools and devices. If you have noticed how jaded the kitchen looks, and can’t remember the last time you made any changes, it might be time to have a new kitchen installed.

Dream Kitchen

Used kitchens

This is a relatively new idea, and has become popular because it offers a cheaper way to upgrade the kitchen, and with a buying and selling service, one can trade in the old kitchen, for that dream kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having. By contacting a used kitchen company, you can sell your current set up, and upgrade to something more stylish and modern. There are online companies that can supply a wide range of used kitchens, and with an installation service available, you don’t need to worry about hiring a plumber.

Ex display kitchens

Upmarket property has display homes, and these are always fitted out with the highest quality furnishings. When the development has been sold, these perfectly good kitchens are sold off at a reduced price. An established kitchen company that has connections will be able to offer top quality display kitchens from a range of well-known manufacturers, for a fraction of the cost of new.

A fixed budget

We all have an amount we can spend on our kitchen, and this determines what we can include. Buying a second hand ex-display kitchen allows you to have the kind of kitchen that would normally be above your price range, and with no damage, the kitchen looks and feels like new.

Talk to the experts

When thinking about a new kitchen it makes sense to find out what your old kitchen is worth, and by selling it to the same company you buy your new kitchen from, it won’t break the bank. An established company would only offer high quality used kitchens, and with locations across the British Isles, there will be something in your region.

Designer brands

All of the well-known kitchen manufacturers would be represented, and with a wide range of colours and styles, you will find something ideal. Ex-display kitchens are typically of the highest standards, and in a show home, they are rarely used, making for a bargain buy.

Add value to your home

A new kitchen will not only make living more comfortable, it will add considerable value to the property, and buying a used kitchen won’t cost nearly as much, leaving you something for next year’s holiday. Kitchens tend to depreciate like cars, and a second hand kitchen of the right proportions, will fit perfectly, and the cost is considerably less than buying new. Your old kitchen could be worth a lot more than you think, and with a generous trade in, your new kitchen will be affordable. A one year old kitchen might be as much as 40% cheaper than a new one, and with many famous brands to choose from, you will find the ideal combination for your home.

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