Is It Better to Rent or Buy When Moving to Seattle?


Perhaps a job opportunity has taken you to Seattle or you’re headed there to start a new chapter in your life. Maybe moving to Seattle is a long-time dream because you love the cityscape, the weather and everything that one of America’s best metropolitan areas has to offer. You may be pressed for time or otherwise be unable to visit the city much before you move, so you could be considering renting instead of buying. However, in the vast majority of cases, buying your own place to live makes the most sense in Seattle.

More Freedom

The number of Seattle condos for sale means that with the right agency on your side, you’ll find the perfect property in any of the best parts of time. Condos work well for singles, couples, roommates, and families alike. When you buy, the property is yours. There are unlikely to be any restrictions on whether or not you can own pets or make home improvements to your living space.

It Costs Far Less

A condo might seem far more expensive than renting a place, but when you rent, you’re throwing money away you’ll never get back. When you buy, even if you have to take out a mortgage, the majority of the money you spend goes into your home — and your monthly mortgage costs are likely to be less than any rent you’d pay each month, even when combined with a condo’s association fee.

Rent or Buy When Moving to Seattle

Build Equity

Whether you plan to spend the rest of your life in Seattle or you could picture yourself moving again in a few years, you’ll be in a better financial position if you own a condo and build equity. Not only can you turn around and sell it and recoup most, if not all or more, of what you spent to buy it, but you can also use it to take out a home equity line of credit for any large bills or home improvements that come up.

The experts at The Stroupe Group will be happy to show you condos that are absolutely affordable on your budget and offer some of the most gorgeous views and the most convenient access in the city. Don’t make the mistake of renting when buying will prove so much more beneficial to you in both the short- and long-term.


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