Rubber Roofing – Benefits & Alternatives


Synthetic membrane rubber roofing is best for use over non-sloping or flat roofs because it is durable, flexible, and water resistant. Whether they are made from synthetic rubber polymers or are made from plastic polymers, rubber roofs are intended to be used in places where asphalt shingles don’t perform well. Each type of roofing has some related benefits and alternatives. Similarly, rubber roofing to has many advantages and options as well.

Benefits of rubber roofing:-

  • Long lasting:

Rubber roofs are durable than asphalt roofs and can last about twice as long as asphalt roofs. Rubber roofs being long lasting take away the headache of changing or repairing roofs in a small-time span. It also saves you from bearing expenses now and then.

  • Best for rainy weather:

Roof leakages are a major reason behind roof damaging. Rubber roofs being water resistant avoid the absorption of water and saves the roof from damage. This is the reason behind the durability and strength of rubber roofs. Besides rainy weather, it supports all humid conditioned climates and avoids absorbing the humidity into the roof.

  • Durable:

The durability of a roof merely depends on how much pressure it can resist and how much years it can be relied on. Rubber roofs are highly weather resistant which makes them highly durable, and their durability is the reason of their comparatively higher cost than asphalt roofs.

  • Allows fast cooling:

Rubber roofs do not allow the external heat to exchange with the internal environment and hence they allow rapid cooling of a place. This saves cooling power as well as reduces cooling costs in hot environments.

  • Low-cost transformation for insulation purposes:

Insulation is a definite thing that needs to be done with roofing. Insulation most of the time costs expensive. And as many times we get to repair or re-install roofing, installation needs to be done again too which adds to the roofing expenses. Thus, using foaming sheets with rubber roofing provides durable roofing as well as insulation.

Rubber roof alternatives:-

  • Metal roofing:

Metal roofing varies widely in price as compared to rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is much costly as compared to metal roofing but metal roofing can be used as an alternative to rubber roofing by making some adjustments, and this can be done in cheaper amount. If the foaming layer is placed over the metallic surface of the roof for insulation purposes, then it can be used as rubber roofing.

  • Steeper pitched roofing:

Rubber roofs are mostly used for flat surface roofing but pitched roofing is mostly used for steeper roofs so it can be utilized as an alternative to rubber roofing.

The above-described benefits allow the users to choose the well suitable roofing for their homes and compare the benefits of other roofing with rubber roofing. Along with the advantages of rubber roofs, the alternatives of rubber roofs allow the users to get the equivalent benefits of rubber roofs in lesser cost along with some adjustments to other roofs and the above comparison proves to be helpful in decision making. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then you need to get in touch with professional Roofing contractors for estimation of new Roof cost in Michigan.

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