Removal Tips: How to Lift Heavy Objects


If you’ve decided to opt for a removal service without the packing, you should be careful when tackling bulky objects in your home. You can easily get hurt lifting heavy items, especially if you’ve no experience doing so. There is a correct way of moving heavy objects and if you are getting ready for the removal truck, it is important to follow proper lifting techniques. Experienced removals in Plymouth offer trusted domestic removals and packing services, so if you don’t fancy doing all the lifting, you’ll benefit greatly from a professional service.

Consider these benefits before you start to rearrange, pack and lift heavy items around your property.

  • Professionals have proper training & lifting techniques.
  • They’ve experience dealing with tricky objects.
  • They’ve access to all the right lifting equipment.
  • You won’t put yourself at risk of injury.
  • Professionals won’t drop & damage your belongings.

There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a professional removal team to carry your possessions. The list quoted above is only a small sample of the advantages you gain from using an expert service.

Lifting Heavy Objects Without Professional Help

If you still insist on carrying heavy objects by yourself, you should examine the object you are about to lift. Look for comfortable pick up spots and always lift with your legs and not with your back. Prior to lifting, check your surroundings and clear any obstacles in your way. When carrying the load, keep it close to your chest, look straight ahead and use slow, controlled movements.

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