Rely on Experienced Boiler System Installation, Service, and Maintenance


Don’t wait until fall to make the decision to rely on boiler heat for the coming winter months. You’d be wise to start the process now to have the benefit of heating system design in addition to quality installation, maintenance, and service. When’s the best time to get a new home heating system? Now!

The Advantages

One of the primary advantages of boiler heat is that it’s not a forced air system. This difference means:

  • Quiet distribution of heat
  • Warm pipes in subfloor, warmth rising into the room
  • Efficiency of water transporting heat
  • No leaky ducts
  • Better heat transfer

The key to receiving these benefits, of course, is to work with a provider of experienced boiler servicing in Peterborough, heating engineers bringing more than two decades of experience to installation, maintenance, and servicing of quality systems. If your current boiler system breaks down, you’d be wise to depend on this experience to get your home or small business back to the comfortable atmosphere you need.


If you are suffering through cold weather with an unreliable system or you work to stay warm with your current heat source, why not call and talk to a representative about new installation or replacement. This new equipment comes with a minimum five-year warranty from the manufacturer and you can have consistent comfort at a reasonable price.

If you’re not sure what type of heating system will work best for you, talk to an experienced member of the team to discuss bespoke heating-system design to give you comfort and efficiency.


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