Moving Quote Calculator – How Does It Improve Your Business


Moving is probably one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. This trend is especially obvious in the USA. Given that the competition becomes bigger with each day, it is highly recommended that you constantly invest in your business growth. It means that, if you want to become a top-class company, with hundreds of loyal customers, you should offer them something other companies don’t. What’s the best thing to offer? Well, let’s ask this question differently, what most people want to find on a moving company’s website? The price for their move! This is what a moving quote calculator serves for. It gives your customers an option to get the price for their relocation instantly. On the other hand, it gives your company their contact information, so you get the leads with each moving costs calculation!

Implementing a modern software solution means keeping in touch with changes. Failing in this means that, not only that you won’t have a chance to become a leader in your market, but also that you’ll have difficulties to survive. Read on and learn why you should implement a moving quote form and how it helps your company to get more customers.

Everybody wants to know their moving costs

Software improvement isn’t an option but a MUST

Nowadays, the whole world uses technology. Hence, when searching for movers, everyone will pay attention to websites offering what they are looking for right after they enter the website. This means a few things:

  1. You should implement something most people look for when searching for movers. For example, a software solution that helps people get a precise moving quote estimate.
  2. It should be obvious on each page of your website, so no matter what landing page they visit, they get what they’re looking for.
  3. Most importantly – it should be something nobody else has or something way better than everything that currently exists.

For example, if your customers look for moving costs, there are thousands of companies offering a simple quote form where they have an option to leave the details about their relocation, and then somebody from the company contacts them with the price. But, what if you offer something completely different, a software solution that can calculate a precise moving cost for one’s relocation? Wouldn’t it delight your customers?

Follow modern moving software trends

On the other hand, there’s also an option to implement a simple quote form, and offer the same thing as everybody else. Only, what happens when dozens and hundreds of companies implement an instant moving quote calculator? Well, let’s just say you won’t be in a too good position. This is why we suggest you create trends, and not simply wait and adjust. At a certain point of time, it won’t be possible to adjust quickly enough to be competitive.

How to find an ideal moving quote calculator for your moving company

First of all, it is important that you don’t implement any calculator. It means that the calculator you implement represents your company, the services you offer and the prices for those services. In accordance with this, we suggest you do a research and find the ideal solution, rather than the cheapest solution. There are companies offering software solution for movers, specially created to fit any moving company anywhere in the world. This means that the calculator they create for your moving company perfectly fits your needs. This is particularly important for moving companies offering international moving services, given that the costs vary very much when it comes to moving to different parts of the world. An experienced company, cooperating with multinational corporations, would be able to implement any solution that you might require.

Moving quote calculator – it should precisely estimate the moving costs based on your prices

What should an ideal moving quote calculator contain?

It depends on your needs. However, when it comes to certain things, you shouldn’t make compromises. Here’s what your calculator must contain:

  • Moving from and moving to address – A moving distance directly influences the moving costs.
  • Moving date – Depending on the period of the year, the moving quote will be lower or higher.
  • Inventory list – The more items a customer has, the bigger the moving price will be.
  • Contact information – This field is essential in case your customer doesn’t call you, so you could send a follow up mail or get in touch by phone.

A company experienced in implementation of software for movers will know how to adjust a calculator to perfectly reflect your prices. This is why we insist that you hire experienced and proven professionals with dozens of moving quote calculator forms implemented on different websites.

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