Pruning Enhances a Property’s Value


Pruning cannot be discounted when it comes to increasing the value of your property. In fact, any landscape services can enhance a property’s value by as much as 10%. Therefore, it is important to align yourself with a landscape service to increase your property’s kerb appeal and reduce any chances for liability.

Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

That is why pruning is an important activity. Not only is the service good for the health of a plant or tree but it also makes a property more safe and secure. Any trimming or pruning can get rid of dangerous overhanging limbs and keep a property less vulnerable to burglary.

Whilst lush and green plant life can be pleasant to behold, it becomes a safety concern if the shrubbery or hedges hide the entry points into a home. When this occurs, it gives thieves or vandals more leeway in performing their nefarious activities.

Types of Tree Trimming

Devon landscaping specialists practice four types of tree trimming. These services include fine pruning, regular pruning, hazard trimming, and crown reduction. When fine trimming is employed, it is done to remove the smaller limbs and improve the looks of a tree.

Regular pruning entails more heavy cuts and is done to develop the branch structure of a plant. Hazard trimming is advised for any tree that may pose a threat to people’s safety. Usually, the process involves removing the thicker or heavier branches on a tree.

When Crown Reduction Is Advised

Crown reduction is recommended when a tree experiences storm damage or when the branches are intermingled with the power lines. Substantial dieback also causes the need to reduce the crown. Landscapers are careful during the process not to remove over one-third of the upper part of the tree.

When proper pruning or trimming is undertaken, dead or dying branches are removed, thus improving the overall health of the tree. In addition, trimming prevents limbs from crossing one another or competing for space. In turn, sun exposure and air circulation are also enhanced, all of which cultivates and promotes the growth of the surrounding plants.

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