Indications That Hint It Is Time for You to Invest In New Roof


Roof protecting us every day in all kinds of weather continuous use can fail to do so if not maintained properly. It could also fail, if the roof is not installed properly. There are a few signs that would tell that you whether to replace or repair your old roof. Look for these signs in your roof before hiring a repair/replacement company.

If roof is too old

If the roof that you have been using has become old, then it is the right time to invest in a new one. Most of the roofs come with a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. If you are using a roof beyond this time, then you are putting yourself and your family members at risk.

Licensed roofing professionals at Stay Dry Roofing will assist in performing a thorough evaluation of the roof and provide a quality installation.

Defective roofing material

There can also be a probability that the roofing material used in making it is defective. This requires one to install a new roof with the best quality roofing material.

Chimney flashing

Flashing is something that seals the areas of the roof where it has been penetrated. This is another area of concern. If your flashing comprises of tar, roof cement, it may require being replaced with water tight flashing system made from metal. It will be a long term solution.

Why should you hire Stay Dry Roofing?

Roofing repair and replacement professionals at this firm has years of working experience and adequate skills in identifying all the reasons that can lead to roof damage. Upon calling them, their proficient professionals will inspect the roof and provide one with the most reliable and cost-effective measures to solve all types of roof issues in the best possible manner.


Leakage in the roof is one of the most important signs for which you need to get it repaired or replaced at the earliest. Hiring the services of an experienced roofer will guide you with the best solution. In order to do so, you need to spend a little time and effort in searching for the best roofing company out there in the market.

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