Professional Carpet Cleaning is a cost effective alternative to carpet replacement


When it comes to your home, there is nothing that has more a more visual or health impact on those who live in the home as well as those who visit as your carpet. Carpeting has long been a favorite material for floor covering, especially in homes that experience colder winters because of its excellent ability to provide additional insulation against the elements. In addition, carpet provides you with a soft, warm surface to walk across and can add tons of color and texture to the interior design of a room.

The main issue with using carpeting in the home is that it can quickly become soiled. This is because carpet fibers attract the dirt, debris and grime that you carry in on your shoes and trap it way down deep. While some of this dirt and debris can be removed through regular vacuuming, some of it stays behind, where it quickly becomes food for a variety of bacteria and other germs as well as weighing down carpet fibers and even discoloring them. In order to remove this dirt, you need to call in the professionals.

Professional carpet cleaning not only removes unsightly stains and dirt, it also helps to make your home healthier. It does this by removing everyday pollutants that can trigger respiratory illnesses like asthma and COPD. Allergens like mold, pollen, pet dander and even dust can turn your home into a nightmare for those with allergies. With this capability along with the ability to visibly rejuvenate carpets and return them to an almost new condition, there is absolutely no reason why homeowners shouldn’t take advantage of this cost effective alternative to total carpet replacement.

City Carpet Cleaners is the leading provider of Houston TX carpet cleaning. They offer you the ability to professionally remove deep down dirt and debris which can rejuvenate old, tired looking carpets, removing stains and discolorations and restoring the fibers back to their original size and shape, virtually eliminating the need to replace carpets. In addition, they use a steam system which allows them to kill and remove bacteria, viruses, pet dander and other organic compounds, which reduces the amount of allergens present in your home, helping you reduce the instances of respiratory irritation and illness that you and your family experience, making it key to improving the health of all of the occupants in your home, both permanent and guests.

So, if your carpet is looked pretty ragged or hasn’t been cleaned in awhile and you are concerned about all of the potential germs and bugs that might be living deep in your carpet’s fibers, it’s time to contact City Carpet Cleaners today and schedule an appointment. They are the leading Houston TX residential carpet cleaning. For more information, please visit You will be glad you did.

If you are looking for a better Houston TX residential carpet cleaning solution, look no further than City Carpet Cleaners. They offer affordable, yet quality carpet cleaning services throughout the Houston area.

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