How to Estimate the Cost of Your Siding Renovation


Installing in new siding is a great investment. Not only will it increase the appearance of your home, it will also up its resale value and structural integrity. If you are looking for a sure-fire way to improve on your residential investment, look no further than the installation of new siding.

Here is what you’ll need to consider when estimating the cost of your renovation:


The first consideration of cost is the purchase of the new siding materials themselves. There is a wide range of prices available when it comes to purchasing new siding, and you’ll want to be sure to balance upfront investment with long-term quality. Vinyl siding is the least expensive material, and can be a great option for those with a tight budget. Natural wood and aluminum siding run in the middle of the pack. James Hardie, also known as fiber cement, is one of the more expensive materials but has a fantastic reputation for strength and durability.

This particular aspect of the calculation has everything to do with your personal budget and taste, so it’s important to really consider all of your options. For a general price guide to the different types of siding materials, check out this chart from Siding in Vancouver. 


Another key to calculating the cost of your siding renovation is the installation, which is to say, the labor. The cost of installation can vary widely from region to region, and depends upon the experience level of the contractor. If you are wanting to hire the best in the business, you’re usually going to have to pay top dollar to get them. While it can be tempting to swing the other way and install your new siding by yourself, it isn’t recommended. Siding is a tricky business and it’s easy to install it incorrectly. Look for a fully licensed contractor with at least a few years of experience and you should be good to go. 


One of the biggest determiners of siding renovation cost is the actual, physical size of the project. If you live in a large home, the cost of both the materials and the installation will be greater. If you live in a small home, the cost will be less. You’ll want to make sure that you factor this into your calculations. While $9 per square foot may not seem like too much (and in many cases it isn’t), it will add up if you are taking on a massive amount of square footage. Labor costs will also increase as the contractor and crew will need to spend more time at your house.

Siding is absolutely a worthwhile investment. It is, however, and investment, and you will want to be proactive and careful when calculating your costs. Try to stay within your budget, and make sure to factor in the materials, installation cost, and size of your project. If you choose to work with siding contractors in Vancouver, you will want to discuss your budget and options with them.

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Christina Warner is an interior and exterior home designer. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC and is working with different construction companies to help them build dream homes for their clients. Christina loves Scandinavian simplicity and Italian coziness in design.

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