Practical Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curbside Value


First impressions matter whether people want to believe it or not. A lot of people make judgments simply based on how they feel about what they see, even if the encounter only lasted for a few seconds. This is not just true with people but also with objects.

This is why curb appeal, or how your property looks from the street or for people passing by, is critical if you intend to sell your home in the future. Building and renovating houses can cost a bundle but increasing your property’s curb appeal does not have to be. Here are a few ways you can achieve that look without going broke in the process:

Make a striking entrance

Doors can create a sense of intrigue. They have the ability to invite people in or turn them away.

The main entrance doesn’t have to be dull and uninteresting. Homeowners can make it stand out and give it a bit more personality by adding a splash of colour.

Choosing a colour for the door can be intimidating for a lot of homeowners, but there are ways of making the decision easier. If you live in an area where the homes look the same, you can check out what your neighbours’ doors are like. Observe the exterior walls and take note of the colours that they used.

Another idea is to go online and see what options are available. Pinterest is awash with potential ideas, but you need to be cautious as well. Unless if you want to go for the eclectic look, opt for a look and colours that are consistent with the rest of the home.

Don’t forget the trimmings on the doors and windows. Trimmings act as frames for your openings. You can colour them in such a way that they blend in with the exterior, the door or window, or make them pop out.

Get new hardware

Door knobs, knockers, peepholes, and even hinges may be small, but their importance should not be ignored. Choosing the wrong type can make even the most lavish and intricately-designed openings look cheap.

With the variety of hardware available on the market, you would be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t suit your preferences, taste, or budget limitations. You can opt for vintage, contemporary, or even high tech smartlocks. If you look hard enough, you may even find period hardware that fits with a specific design style, such as Gothic-style doorknobs.

Change your letterbox

Letterboxes provide several benefits for a small price. In larger residential properties, mailboxes are an effective way of marking your territory and letting people know they are entering your property.

Mailboxes come in a variety of designs, forms, and styles to suit varying preferences. There are boxes that can be attached to your door, on the outside wall, mounted on a fence, post, wall or bricked in. Freestanding models are also available if you want one installed away from your gate or home.

Modern mailboxes also come with a number of handy features. For instance, if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, you may want a mailbox with a stainless steel frame. If mail theft is a concern, you can also avail of one that has a built-in security lock.

Add some landscaping

Landscaping softens the look of your home and property. You don’t need to fill your garden with trees and massive shrubs or hedges to accomplish this. With a few strategically located potted plants, flowering foliage, or even vines creeping along the walls, you can make your house look homier.

For the more creative homeowners who have the time, you can generate more interest by creating different types of spaces in your garden. Place stones or tiles on the ground to design a pathway leading to your home. You can also put garden chairs, tables and LED lights in one area which can make it look like an entertainment space for guests.

If you already have plants or a small garden, keep it maintained. Mow the lawn regularly, prune shrubs and remove any trash or glaring eyesores. A clean, neat garden makes your home look more inviting to homebuyers.

Attach house numbers

Make it easier for potential buyers to find your home while improving its curb value with a house number. House numbers often look simple and unobtrusive. But much like the other entries on this list, they can make a statement without costing a bundle.

There are many ways to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. These are only a few creative yet simple ideas that show achieving a specific look does not have to cost a bundle. Try out one, a few or a combination of several and see how it changes how people view your home.



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