How to reduce Shifting Day Stress?


Relocating from one destination to another is always known to be one of the most traumatic tasks, where you will have to handle challenging tasks which you have never done before especially when you are relocating for the very first time without taking help from professionals.

Moving all your possession needs plenty of planning at the right time to reduce your stress because if you do not plan your move appropriately, you will end up with lots of difficulties. As shifting to a new place is a time-consuming task where you will have to do multiple things like home-sickness, finding the perfect home, and looking for a trustworthy and pocket-friendly Movers and Packers Kolkata who can perform your move as per your expectation, etc.

We understand that relocation has never been an easy task for anyone whether they are moving for the very first time or have moved many times previously. Every move has its own complexities, which can give you lots of mental as well as physical stress. We have seen people get confused at the time of shifting, because of many reasons – lack of time, proper knowledge, etc. needed to perform the tasks correctly, and they become stressed thinking how to be free from relocation stress.

It’s always good to be prepared in advance for your upcoming move, but due to the pressure of shifting people always forget many essential tasks which increase their stress levels and they fail to perform their move correctly. No need to be stressed anymore, as we will guide you to reduce your moving day stress quickly to have a safe and happy shifting experience. 

Tips to reduce your Moving day stress quickly:

Before Moving Day:

·         Be prepared early

Plan ahead of time and start the relocation process as soon as possible. Before packing your belongings, sort and declutter all your unwanted things.

Sorting and decluttering your unwanted things are no doubt a time-taking task but it’s better to get rid of all your unnecessary at the right time, and decrease your stress while packing and moving your stuff. If you move unnecessary items, your shifting cost will also increase too much, which can also be one of the main reason of being stressed while moving.

·         Prepare a moving day checklist

One of the best ways to reduce your tension during relocation is to use your precious time effectively by creating a moving day checklist. By following a shifting day to-do list which must include all the tasks you need to complete your move.

By preparing a moving day checklist and working according to it will help you to complete all your moving tasks correctly as you check all your completed and pending tasks, and you can complete your unfinished tasks and recheck your completed tasks to have a peace of mind.

·         Call your relatives and friends for help

Feeling stressed during your relocation is not so surprising since you have to handle complicated and time-consuming tasks alone. Instead, you can call your close friends and relatives for help. An extra set of helping hands can significantly lower your stress, and keep you entertained and happy to make your last moment memorable. So, enjoy your time with close ones to decrease your relocation burden.

·         Hire a reliable Moving company

As you don’t have prior experience in moving, you can end up damaging your goods which can stress you out more. It’s always a safe option to hire a trustworthy relocation service provider to get rid with your moving fear. By selecting a genuine Moving company you will not have to be stressed thinking about how to complete your move safely, as they will take complete care of all your items by packing and loading all your possessions using best quality packing and moving supplies, and transport and deliver all your belongings at your doorstep.

But while finding a suitable moving company, you should have sufficient time, so that you can do a proper investigation about the moving service provider. You can check their previous feedbacks on multiple reliable websites like Facebook, Mouthshut, AssureShift, etc. to get complete information about their reliability, service quality, transportation service, etc.

·         Have sufficient food and sleep to stay healthy

We understand that when you have lots of things to do, everyone tries to sacrifice their sleep and regular diet to get more work done. Always remember you should never compromise with your food and sleep, as you can be tired and sick, which can make you more stressed due to a disturbance in your daily routine.

So, always remember to have a healthy diet and enough sleep to stay balanced and happy during your relocation.

·         Purchase Insurance for peace of mind

As shifting is a complicated time where your items can be damaged at any time during transit, no matter how perfectly your movers have packed and loaded your items. That’s why, it’s essential to purchase Insurance for complete safety of your things because accidents can take place any time during transit, and if you have not purchased Insurance facility, you will have no option to claim any refund from against your Relocation company.

So, never avoid your purchasing an Insurance to perform your move successfully, by minimizing your stress ultimately.

After Moving Day:

§  Check for damages and missing items

Never forget to check all your delivered items, to verify any of your belongings are missing or damaged during transit. If you do not check your packed boxes at the right time, you will not be able to claim for your damages to your shifting service provider. So, check all your delivered boxes properly to avoid any loss and stay stress-free.

§  Unpack and arrange your essentials

After movers deliver all your belongings and you have checked all of them, don’t think your move is finished because some urgent tasks are still waiting for you like unpacking and rearranging the things you need right away.

Unpack and arrange your things as per your priority like your kid’s necessities, bedding, toiletries, and basic kitchen items to be able to maintain your daily routine. As soon as you take out all the things you need immediately, you can have a shower to wash all your stress away, get something to eat, and take a nap before you begin unpacking the rest of the house.

§  Check all your utilities

You will feel more stressed out if you move in to your home and there’s no electricity, water or internet! That’s why it’s essential to check if all your utilities are connected as soon as possible to start normal life without interruption.

§  Organize a welcome party

One of the best ways to let go of all the stress and let your hair down is by throwing a party. You can invite your close friends, relatives and also new neighbors and have a good time with them. Forget about all your relocation stress and celebrate your success with old and new friends.

Relocation comes with lots of hassle, which can disrupt your daily routine and you will be trapped in plenty of troubles, but you can get rid of all these problems by scheduling your move at the right time with the help of expert Movers and Packers in Behala who can perform your relocation professionally.

We hope the above-discussed tips will help you to plan and complete your shifting tasks correctly to get rid of all the stress which can disturb you on shifting day.


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