Plantations back your strawberry!


At what time I plant my strawberries?

The best time for planting strawberries is in late summer and early fall.

Indeed, the earth is hot, and the humidity reappears again at that time. This guarantees a good recovery plants.

Where to plant my strawberries?

Strawberry is a perennial crop, which remains logically in place for several years of production.

From the start, so you must reserve a large enough area in the garden to devote to their culture. In terms of spatial planning, it is the choice.

The location can be square or rectangular with strawberries planted in a grid, or take the form of a longer and narrower flower bed with one or two lines of plants. This solution is the most common.


How do I prepare my soil?

On a well weeded soil, the ideal is to start by spreading a layer of compost , which feed the plants during cultivation. Otherwise, you can bring a slow-release fertilizer.

Dig the ground over a foot deep so as to loosen the soil.

The professionals strawberries are accustomed to plant their strawberries on mounds. This technique has the advantage of avoiding stagnation of water but also to facilitate the global warming in the spring. It is quite simple to achieve the same thing at home.

Bring your strawberry © If you plan several rows of strawberries, leave space between each to a path of 50 to 60 cm. Use of this earth then to form rounded mounds of about twenty centimeters in height.

Mulching strawberries, essential coverage

On crop of strawberry as for other, mulching has several advantages. It not only helps to fight against competition from weeds, but also retain moisture and warm the ground (especially when using a plastic film).

Two main materials are available:

   Straw to spread thickly on the ground and has the advantage of letting the water,

   The black plastic film, a bit more tedious to ask but easy to find. It allows to quickly warm the soil and get cleaner results.

If you opt for plastic, it is important to anchor it not that he flew in the wind. In many, pull down your scroll on the mound and stretch well. Dig a small trench at the foot of the hill, lay out the edge of the plastic, and finally, fill with soil to keep it in place.

Everything is ready for planting strawberries

Today, strawberry plants are grown in pots directly by horticulturists. Because they are rooted, recovery in your garden is almost guaranteed! But you can also choose to plant stolons salvaged from old strawberry or those of neighbors! These are portions of rods which are developed and formed roots themselves.

If you put a plastic film, incise it crosswise with a knife or a cutter, every 30 cm. Depending on the width of the hill, can be planted on 1 or 2 lines. In this second case, try planting staggered.

Dig the hole in the planter, place the root ball or marbled plant and fill with soil. It does no good to pack too because the roots need to breathe. However, do not forget to pour a little water on each foot using a watering can!

Subsequently, it will ensure watering regularly to see the full resumption of the plants.

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