Furniture for every bathroom!


Bathroom Furniture play an important role in the design and decoration of your pond. They determine the style and atmosphere you want for the room. To choose his bathroom furniture, better take into account certain practical elements. Thus, there are furniture specially created for small bathrooms to give an impression of space.

bathroom furniture

Different styles of bathroom furniture

First of all, you need to determine the style of your bathroom: contemporary, traditional, cottage, rustic, etc … Then, narrow your choices based on the elements you need: single or double sink, color furniture, taps design or traditional mirror or bathroom cabinet? The choice is yours!

bathroom furniture2

Bathroom furniture with legs

You have a small bathroom? It is possible to convert each space with taste, however small it! In a small bathroom, it is advisable to choose furniture feet. Otherwise, consider the number of users and your habits. Think nevertheless still provide enough storage space, especially if the room is not very big. And do not neglect the details: often it is the details that make all the difference!

Development of a small bathroom

Each bathroom deserves beautiful furniture! Comfort and functionality are of course the most important elements. There are three types of bathroom furniture: furniture on the floor, standing or wall. For small bathrooms, there are bathroom furniture specially designed to maximize space: width and depth of the cabinet are reduced to not clutter the room.

storage space

Storage space

Storage spaces are designed to make your life easier, do not hesitate to abuse it! Bathroom cabinet, wall column cabinet with drawers or open niche, integrated laundry basket, etc … You’re spoiled for choice. Each model can be ordered with matching accessories: integrated lighting, sliding mirrored doors, socket and switch inside, etc …

bathroom sinks

Bathroom Sinks

The sink also deserves your attention. The choice of a single or double sink must be based on the number of users. The sinks are available in various shapes: round, oval and rectangular and can be built from below, above or placed on a shelf. You can choose from different materials: porcelain sink, enameled steel or stone.

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