Perfect window treatment – There is something for all kinds of windows


It would be wrong to look for a standard window treatment for all kinds of windows. The designs of windows vary according to the types of rooms. If you want a room with a view, you have to install large windows that can bring the outdoor closer to you. Stargazers would prefer skylights in some rooms. Windows come in various shapes and sizes and can be operated in different ways.  Some can be opened while others may be fixed. Some windows may slide horizontally; some may have to have lifted while some others can open inside out. In order to address so many variable factors, window treatments also come in a wide variety so that the distinctiveness of windows are preserved without affecting its looks and operations.


Streams of sunlight entering through skylights can illuminate your home. But like any other windows, these too need some covering in order to regulate entry of light. The glare of sunlight inside your home can damage furniture and furnishing, it can also be a source to make the home too much heated, hence the need to control it. Skylights are located so high that it is difficult to reach. Cellular shades can work well with skylights but it has to be motorized for easy operation. Operating the shades is easy by using a remote control.

Large windows

These windows are intended for unobstructed viewing of the outside and its huge size can be quite challenging to select a suitable window treatment. For effectively covering the window to achieve deft light control and privacy with stylish looks, panel track blinds can be chosen. An innovative window treatment can be a combination of cellular shades, Roman shades and wood blinds all mounted on a single over head rail. The single rail gives the combination a unified appearance while it is easy to operate the shades separately.

Slider windows

Slider windows are considered very versatile with respect to the choice of window treatment as it has adequate depth to accommodate almost all kinds of window treatments. Any shades or blinds would be good for use on these windows.  Roman shade or cellular shade can be chosen for living rooms and bedrooms while wood blinds and shutters bring beauty to windows at the front of the house.

Casement windows

These are typical hinged windows that can open outwards or inwards against the hinges on the sides. These windows are operated by a crank that is turned to open or close it. While the popular choice is drapery for covering this window, Roman shades or wood blinds with outside mounting can also be used as stylish window treatments.

Bay windows

The architectural highlights of bay windows are best complemented by Roman shades that have a strikingly soft appeal and it the choicest window treatment. The apparent largeness of space is effectively brought out by these shades while blinds can also be a worthwhile choice.

Drawing a balance between functionality and aesthetics is the key to the right selection of window treatment.

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