Buying a Pool Heater- Important Things You Should Keep in Mind


Nobody likes jumping into a pool full of cold water. Most people usually prefer swimming in the summers. However, in some parts of the country, summers don’t last very long. What do you do if you want to enjoy a nice, warm swim? The answer is simple: get a pool heating system installed.

The pool heating system helps you maintain the temperature of the water in the pool and maintain it just how you see fit. However, most people don’t really know much about pool heating systems. As a result, they just buy whatever falls in their budget. Unfortunately, that’s not such a good idea. You may end up overpaying for a product that you don’t even need. In order to help you make the right purchase, here are some important things that you should consider:

Types of Pool Heaters

There are many different kinds of pool heaters on the market today. The three most popular ones include the gas powered pool heater, the electrically powered heating system, and the solar-powered heater. The gas powered heater is popular because it is simple to use. All you need is to ignite the burner and set the thermostat to a specific level. The heater will begin to work and adjust the temperature of the water in the pool accordingly.

However, gas powered heaters are fast becoming out of fashion. The number one reason for that is because they take a long while to heat up the water. Once you light up the burner, you will have to leave the heater on for a while before you can feel a change in the water temperature. Furthermore, maintaining a gas powered heater is just not easy.

On the other hand, electrically powered heaters are more popular because of the ease of use. They are not massive in size, and can easily be placed along with your filter. You can just keep the heater at eight or ten degrees during the week. However, you should know that electric heaters consume a lot of electricity. You can buy a heat pump if you want to reduce your electricity bills, though.

Solar Powered Heaters

Solar powered heaters are the modern trend nowadays. The number one selling point for solar powered heaters is the fact that they don’t consume any electricity at all. If it’s a sunny day, you can enjoy a warm bath. Solar powered heaters come with rechargeable batteries that store electricity whenever the sun is up. However, solar powered heaters are quite expensive. It is a one-time expense that you will have to bear.

However, solar powered heaters literally tend to pay for themselves within a few months. There are virtually no utility costs associated with solar powered heaters. All you have to do is just pay a little amount of money for monthly maintenance of the heater. Make sure you carefully select the type of heater you want before you go out to buy.

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