How to Outfit Your Construction Company Employees


If you’re running a construction company, you are serving as one of the most important cogs in the machinery of an economy. Construction companies build new roads, new houses, and new businesses. A healthy construction sector is a sign of a healthy economy. You need to keep your business in good shape and your employees healthy to fully reap the benefits of your economic position. If you have a solid record for safety, you’ll get more business and have happier employees. You’ll also be filling an ethical duty to keep your employees safe. One way to do that is by buying the best possibly workwear. Such workwear includes functional wear as well as safety wear; oftentimes, those are the same thing.

Work Boots

Construction boots are fairly simple, but they are very important. Construction workers spend hundreds of hours every month on their feet. They put their feet through some serious stress. Your boots need to be comfortable enough to wear for hours and hours. More importantly, they need to be safe to wear around a construction site. Boots that are safe to wear around a construction site should have a steel toe cap. The steel toe cap should be rated to withstand damage from most reasonable construction accidents. Construction mishaps that are fairly common are things like dropping a tool or a cinder block onto your foot; a good steel toe boot should withstand that type of damage easily. Also, some boots have steel midsoles as well.

A steel midsole will protect your foot from stepping on sharp objects such as nails and screws while on the construction site. Work boots are an integral element of a builder’s work clothes. Additionally, gloves are very important while on the job site.

Work Gloves

Choosing the right gloves for work can be difficult. The gloves you choose will often depend on the type of work you do. Carpenters will often need a fine level of control, especially over small pieces of wood or over pencils; therefore, they will often use fingerless gloves to do their work. If you are going to be working with sharp or rough objects, a pair of heavy duty work gloves should do the job nicely. They should be thick enough that they can protect you from cuts and scrapes; however, they need to be formed well enough that you still have some dexterity. Some lower quality gloves will rob you of your full range of motion in your gloves.

Lastly, there are many different types of work clothes you might need. There are pants, shirts, jackets, and much more. These should all be sturdy and reliable so that people on the construction site feel confident that they are taken care of and safe. Construction gear needs to be reliable as well as comfortable.

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