Home Aircon Services


There is hardly anyone you can find in the modern city who has yet to experience the comfort of aircon. According to statistics, almost 90% of the household has an air-conditioning installed minimum in one room if not more. It comes with many different types of ceiling aircon, wall aircon and even portable aircon.

They may come in different forms but they all have one thing in common, every of the aircon requires maintenance in order to function acceptably. Without regular servicing, you can expect breakdown symptoms such as aircon leaking, loss of coolness, noisy sound and even faulty aircon which prevents you from turning it on. This is still fine if you are living in cold countries but in warmer climate countries, it can cause discomfort especially to people who are used to air-conditioning. In fact, there are some who can’t even sleep without aircon.

As part of your home care, servicing your aircon is definitely one of the activities which need to be in your checklist. Particularly in warm countries like Singapore without the 4 seasons, aircon servicing in Singapore  is definitely a must if you do not want to be caught in any unexpected inconvenience. Today there are practically hundreds if not thousands of aircon service providers and depending on where you live, you need to scout for the one suitable according to your needs and budget.

The type of servicing varies from a normal servicing, chemical wash up to overhaul. For quite serious case, overhaul is usually recommended but this can also be very expensive. Most homes install a system 2 or system 3 aircon, meaning they have 2 or 3 aircons connected to the same compressor. For such setup, usually it’s much cheaper per unit if you were to service all at one go. In case you are wondering, compressor is the component which usually sits outside your home. It basically does the vital function of compressing high pressured liquid to gas. It’s very rare to find a case where the compressors needs to be service unless it’s faulty or require gas top up.

Prevention is better than cure. Do not wait only until your aircon breakdown before you service it as this not only caused you inconvenience, but also further damage to your aircon and pocket in the long run. It can be costly to fix or repair an aircon as compared to the regular maintenance. Another benefit of regularly maintaining your aircon is that you may enjoy breathing a cleaner and fresher air which promote good health. So the next time you’re doing home maintenance, be sure to include aircon servicing.


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