On The Move Again


Moving Home

Moving home is never easy, I should know this for a fact having relocated on a minimum of a yearly basis as a child until the age of twenty; including moving country from Australia of all places to the US. The system we had in place had evolved over the years, originally we would pack our worldly possessions into cardboard boxes and let the removal men deal with it. The cost of hiring such help is rarely low priced, and when it is you are often left ravished by the tyrant of broken dishes, scratched monitors and even stolen items.


I can recall on one occasion a removal man pocketing one of my mothers golden bracelets as I stood watching him in the doorway. He had the audacity to ask for a coffee with its recently cleaned surface still glinting at me from where he abruptly pocketed it and turned to face me after doing the dirty deed. He was met with a cold mug of water and a quick boot to the door after my mother had retrieved it. This, however; has not been the worst experience. T.V’s, guitars, signed drumsticks and even valuable stamps have been acquired by the thoughtless, mindless thugs one can expect to find at a low price if you are not cautious in your approach.

Options 1 and 2

Ensuring they have insurance (or getting insurance yourself) is perhaps the best way to ensure the protection of your property. I found making a list of your possessions with included product numbers and printing it on the front of the boxes was the most effective deterrent, however the risk will always remain. Elimination of this risk comes in three forms, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. The first way is to move it yourself. Most will opt out from attempting this due to the physical labor, time investment and price to rent a van. The second is getting your friends and family to assist in the process, perhaps utilizing a privately owned van or large car to help move. This is not always an option due to the paucity of idle vans that are not used on a daily basis for work purposes, and the threat of damaging your relative or friends 4X4 is a very real possibility.

3- Removal men

The third option is the dreaded act of hiring removal men. But lets say you live in a city, the thought of the endless stairs make options one and two implausible to the stage of being ludicrous. I recall trying to find the Best Moving Services Madison WI, my heart sank into my stomach at the thought of lugging my double wardrobe down three flights of stairs alone, a piece of furniture which has an irreplaceable sentimental value but would only get damaged by my attempt to shift it. I needed to find a reliable removal company that wouldn’t pocket my stuff, throw it down the stairs or charge me a kidney to move house.


I found that my problem was solved upon using Thumbtack, an online price comparison site for services that lists in order of popularity and axiomatically customer satisfaction in relation to price and quality. I used it to input the information as to how long the trip was and was given an almost instantaneous quote.

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