Custom-Designed Air Conditioning Solutions for the Workplace


Designed Air Conditioning

As the technologies behind air conditioning have developed and improved, there are now a wide range of offerings on the market. The problem with this situation is that it can be confusing for those looking for an air conditioning solution for the workplace environment. Air conditioning units that are suitable for smaller rooms in a domestic setting are typically not suitable for the workplace, but how should one navigate the myriad options available and install a system that is appropriate?

Consider the wide range of workplaces and commercial environments:

  • Shopping centres: These complex spaces require multiple air conditioning systems that work together to cool the space effectively.
  • Businesses: How large is the building that needs to be cooled? How many rooms need to be cooled? How many people work there? What air conditioning system will provide the best price-to-performance ratio given the budget in place?
  • Industrial: A custom air conditioning design needs to take into account the often very large spaces of industrial settings.
  • Sensitive environments: Labs, research centres, medical clinics, and high-precision engineering firms all require an air conditioning solution that takes into account the sensitive nature of operations in these environments.

Even just the short list above demonstrates the wide range of spaces that may need a customised air conditioning solution.

The Advantage of a Custom-Designed System

To address this problem, it is necessary to hire a company that specialises in bespoke air conditioning solutions for the workplace and larger buildings. In a case like this, the following considerations come into play:

  • Cost: For the workplace or other commercial environments, the cost of the system alone is only one aspect of the design and decision-making process. Ongoing costs related to the efficiency of the system in terms of electrical use versus performance is a primary concern. This requires the knowledge and experience of a firm that specialises in both custom air conditioning solutions and air conditioning maintenance.
  • Specific design considerations: Typically, commercial and working environments require the installation of numerous connected air conditioning units to cool the larger space more efficiently. In a case like this, one single unit simply will not do the job, and it is important to rely on the knowledge and expertise of a design team that understands what works in these spaces and what does not.

Why Custom Design Is Important

Every working environment is different and requires a bespoke solution when it comes to air conditioning installation. What works well in one space will not work well in another, and given the immense range of air conditioning technologies available, it is vital to have the right system installed.

The right design team will work with project managers, building facilities management, and business leaders to customise an air conditioning solution that addresses all of the requirements and issues unique to that environment. In an age where cost savings must be balanced directly against environmental considerations, navigating all of the technologies and options available is a key consideration.

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