Oil Spill from underground storage tanks of our Homes Can Endanger the Environment


Many of us store oil underground. It is a good way to store the fuel at home. But unfortunately tanks leak causing oil spills.

Reasons of oil leaks at home

Oil leaks at home due to number of reason,

  • Tank is damaged
  • Tank is overfilled
  • oil is unintentionally filled into fuel lines that are no more attached to the tank

Our minor negligence can cause great disasters called “oil spill”

The simple definition of oil spill is,

The process in which liquid hydrocarbons petroleum is leaked into the environment

What are the Effects of Oil Spills?

oil spill

If we fail to clean up the oil it means we are contributing to effects of oil spills

Here are some effects

Environmental Effects

Oil spills are causing pollution and these have a significant impact on the environment. These oil spills severely and permanently disturb the wildlife. They generate serious damage to biotic and level of the ecosystem which will cause the total suffocation of the environment. The habitat of many animals and seabed will be destroyed and of course, the flora and fauna of coastal areas will also be severely affected.

The plant and animal life in the sea and on the shore is partly destroyed by oil spills. It also contaminates the drinking water.

Effect on Economy

Oil spills also disturbs the economy. As fuel released in environment goes waste and we are left with less resources to use.  You have to buy more fuel tanks. This causes waste of money. To clean the oil spill homeowner have to hire a cleaning team. The workers get health problems and their treatment is also the responsibility of government. In this way you are wasting your money, workers ‘health and government resources

What should a homeowner do in case of oil spill?

  • Act immediately; don’t waste time to clean up the oil from the yard. As this spill oil is retained beneath your home walls and floor and can cause harm to your home.
  • Keep away the pets and children from the affected area.
  • Remove the furniture from your yard as it can damage the furniture.
  • Turn off all means of sparks at the home.
  • Call experts to check the tanks.

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