Gardening in Spring


Spring is here and your garden has come to life. Normally it’s a quiet time during the winter, but in spring the place sees so much activity. If the winter has been long, then you better have used your time to prepare all of the tools you will need and all of the seeds and plants you want to grow ready. It is time to roll your sleeves and get dirty with your favourite hobby – gardening. If you start early, you will have an easier time later and an overall less hectic spring.

Gardeners usually have a lot on their plates as spring comes. With the start of the season and as the weather gets warmer, there is a lot to do in the garden, if you want it to blossom. It is important to keep a cool and a clear vision of what you want to achieve. The possibilities are endless and it is easy to initiate too many projects at once and not finish them all or do a sloppy job. For this reason, you have to be organized and manage your time and resources carefully. Spring is the perfect time to make changes and adjustments to your garden, so establish a plan and stick to it. Here are few things you have to consider for your garden maintenance.

Gardening in Spring

Start with garden clearance – every gardening expert will suggest that before you begin your spring gardening, you have to clear your garden of anything unwanted that winter might have left there. Trees and shrubs tend to grow too much sometimes, and if it shades you were after when you first planted them, chances are you now have too many of it. This is especially true if you planted densely for instant effect. By clearing overgrown areas you will reveal more opportunities and get a better idea of what you want to do with space.

Clean and prepare your greenhouse – if you have one in your garden, chances are it has become quite messy during the winter. Soon you will have to use the greenhouse to place trays of cuttings and seedlings. Clear the plant debris from last season, and disinfect the benches and floor with a proper solution. Pay attention to the glass walls of the greenhouse, as they require cleaning and disinfection too. This is important, because overwintering pests and certain diseases might have survived in the nooks. Any pots and trays that have spent the winter inside your greenhouse should also be cleaned and disinfected. Once you are done, ventilate the greenhouse properly over the course of the next days.

Inspect the garden for pests – if you take your time to remove hibernating pests now, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the following months. Inspect the crowns of perennial plants for snails, slugs and aphid colonies, as those tend to shelter there for the winter. Watch out for white vine weevil larvae in last year’s summer bedding in pots. Efficient gardening requires superb management of such pests, so do make sure you take care of the problem early.
Consider water butts – water butts make a good addition to your garden, plus they are great for the environment. The rainwater they collect can help Rhododendrons, Blueberries and ericaceous plants. When you install a water butt, you have to position it right below a downpipe, for maximum rainfall water collection.

Fix your fence – garden maintenance often includes care not only for plants but also for fences, trellis and gates. It is a good idea to get those small jobs out of the way now, while your garden is not yet fully grown. That way it will be easier for you and you can focus on other tasks later on.

Include a composting area – any gardening expert will agree that setting a compost area is a great idea for any garden. You could use a ready bin, or build a compost bin yourself. That way you will have a place for all of that garden waste, as well as valuable material for your plants.

Take a well care for your tress. Spring is the season where your trees can bring maximum happiness for you it will happen only if you take care of them.  Memphis garden and tree care services do it in a great way.

Gardening in spring can be challenging and demanding. But if you want to have a beautiful garden, you have to dedicate time and effort in order to achieve perfection. It will all pay off soon.

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