How Often Do you Need to Professionally Clean your Drain?


This is a question that many homeowners are unsure about, while others never give it a thought, until of course, they experience a blockage. Some plumbers will tell you that once a year is adequate, while others will insist it should be done quarterly, and let’s not forget it all depends on the preventative measures you take.

The Origins of a Blockage

Typically, a drain blockage would begin with a small collection of human hair, which we shed naturally and very often it ends up going down the shower or bath plughole. Hair easily attached itself to the inner pipe surfaces and then the dirt and grime can collect around it, forming a barrier that slowly grows. Eventually, this will cause a partial blockage, and often a sign of this is a gurgling sound as the water drains away. The gurgling sound indicates a barrier that is causing the waste water to eddy and circulate.

Professional Cleaning

While there are certain chemical products you can buy that are said to clear out blockages, the best way to ensure your waste pipes are free of obstacles is to have them professionally cleaned. If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for emergency Perth plumbers, check out this website, where there is a number you can call for round the clock service. To be safe from blocked drains, you should have them professionally cleaned monthly, and this will ensure a good flow at all times. During the cleaning process, you could ask the plumber to give your water system a quick look over, and they can repair any minor leaks or replace worn hoses on kitchen appliances.

Preventative Measures

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of a blocked drain, and one effective method is to fit fine mesh filters over all kitchen and bathroom drainage plugs. This will catch hair and other [particles and stop them from entering the drainage system. You can buy these at any DIY store, and they should be easy to remove and clean, and will certainly keep out foreign objects. You can also install similar grills over the outside drainage points, and these will catch leaves and small twigs which are often the start of an exterior blockage.

Other Services

If you are going to call a plumber in to clean out your drains, you might as well take advantage of the fact that a qualified plumber is on your property. You could ask the tradesman to give your hot water system a quick inspection, and also have him check the gas appliances while he’s there. Hot water is something we all take for granted, and a qualified plumber would be able to service any domestic hot water system and make the necessary repairs.

With your drainage system regularly cleaned, your plumbing will always be efficient, and this will dramatically reduce the risk of any damage caused by blocked drains.

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