Determining the Correct Size Skip or Roll-on Container for Your Project


If you’re remodelling your home or preparing to move, you may have a lot of solid waste to remove. Although you can toss it in your normal trash bin, since you’ll have large items amongst the garbage, you should consider hiring a skip or a roll-on container for everything. However, you will need to know which size container or skip you will need and the following information can help you order the proper size.

Sizing a Skip or Container

One way to determine which size skip or roll-on container you’ll need to hire is to know what type of garbage you’ll be throwing away. The type of garbage you’ll have will also depend on the project you’re doing, whether it is renovating your kitchen, laying new carpet or throwing away old or broken household goods you’ve found while packing to move. While you should recycle everything you can to keep waste out of landfills, there are some items which cannot be salvaged.

Small Skips

Many companies have small skips which are great for household garbage and are about the size of the front and back seats in a SUV. If you’re moving into a smaller house, tossing out garbage after your parents have passed, on or just spring cleaning after living in your house for several years, a small skip may be all you need. Most small skips will fit anywhere from 22 to 45 filled black garbage bags.

Some small skip models have doors to make loading them easier. If you’re short or cannot lift heavy items over your head, you should consider getting a skip with doors, even if you need to go up in size to get them. Paying the extra cost will be worth it because you won’t hurt yourself trying to toss the garbage into the skip.

Bulk Waste Skips

If you’re remodelling your house, you will need a skip that can handle bulk waste. Builder’s skips are available in several sizes, including six, eight, ten, and twelve cubic metres, plus twenty and forty cubic yard roll-on containers. They are designed to hold wood, brick, soil, old appliances, and old fixtures like sinks, cabinets, and flooring you’re sending to the landfill. When tossing bulk waste into a skip, don’t add anything which is recyclable or waste which is hazardous.

Hazardous waste such as leftover paint, oil, brake fluid, pesticides, or flammable materials need to be taken to an appropriate waste facility. If a roll-on, roll-off skip hire company finds this type of waste in the skip or roll-on container, then they won’t pick it up until you have removed the waste and disposed of it properly. This can mean you will be charged for extra rental days if you don’t handle the problem right away.

If you have a household or yard project, you can hire a skip or roll-on container to remove any solid waste you wish to discard. The skip hire company will drop off and pick up the containers once you’ve finished your project.

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