Moving Home? Three Things You Need to look For in a Removal Company


Do you have plans to move home anytime soon? The thought of moving home sends shivers up some people’s spines and, why wouldn’t it? After all, for many people, moving to a new home is a very stressful experience, one that they wouldn’t like to repeat anytime soon. However, that’s usually because these people have moved home by themselves in the past and haven’t made good use of the services that removal companies offer.

If you’re moving soon, hire a local removal company to take care of all the heavy lifting, and perhaps the packing as well, and focus on the following three points to make sure that the removal company you hire to help you move home really is the right one for the job – you want to make the experience as hassle-free as possible, not cause more problems in the process.

  1. Experience and Referrals

Firstly, do they have experience in residential removals? Some removal companies in Cambridge specialise in residential removals and business relocations, while some only specialise in the latter. You’re moving home, you’re not moving to a new place of business, so you need to source a removal company that can provide residential removal services you can rely on and trust.

A good way to make sure that they have the experience you’re looking for is to check for customer referrals, as most good removal companies have made referrals from satisfied customers available for potential customers to read.

  1. Services and Advice

Secondly, do they offer you all the services you have need of? Most removal companies will offer additional services, like storage, packing and related services, so if you’re looking to store your possessions short-term until you move into your new home or you’d like to take advantage of the packing services that they offer to make sure your valuables are safe during transit, make sure they offer you the services that you’re looking for.

What’s more, make sure they’re happy to offer you advice about moving home. These people are industry professionals and, consequently, they’re a great source of advice about packing, moving and storing your possessions. Make the most of the advice that they can offer you.

  1. Rates – Is the Price Right?

And lastly, what are their rates like, how do they stack up in comparison to other removal companies in the same area? You must always shop around and ask for rates from at least three removal companies to get a good idea of what the going prices are. If you don’t, how will you know whether you’re paying too little or too much?

It’s essential that you insist on these three things when looking for a removal company to help you move to your new home. While you might choose to move some things yourselves, like the lighter items that you can comfortably transport in your car, it’s advisable to leave the heavy lifting and the moving of bulky items to the professionals. Their services aren’t in demand without good reason.

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